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How to prevent Facebook from following you in Firefox

How to prevent Facebook from following you in Firefox

Firefox 74 has an official plugin for Facebook containers that prevents the social media giant from following your web browsing activity. It can automatically block any of the trackers Facebook when it comes out Facebook in order to increase your online privacy.

How Firefox Facebook Container works

The Facebook container works by isolating your Facebook activity in a completely separate instance of your browser, which Firefox calls a container. When you install Facebook Container, the Firefox extension removes your cookies from Facebook, disconnects you from the site and closes all open Facebook tabs. This is a free browser extension created by Mozilla.

Once activated, you can surf Facebook as usual. When you do this, you’ll see a blue line under any Firefox tab. This indicates that the container is active. Anything related to Facebook in that container is allowed. Everything related to Facebook outside of that container is blocked. Any non-Facebook links you click inside the container will open in a normal tab of the Firefox browser, outside the Facebook container.

Any website that requires Facebook authentication or access to its content will not work properly under any circumstances. This is the precise purpose of the plugin: to prevent any Facebook-related activity from disturbing or tracking you during your normal browsing activity.

Remember: this plugin does nothing with the information that Facebook already has, nor does it interfere with the Facebook machines in the container. This plugin may also conflict with fill Container with multiple accounts, which allows you to place one or more websites of your choice in a similar container. You can use colored tabs to operate on different websites without trackers or on multiple instances of the same website with the same account.

How to install and activate the Facebook container

I visited facebook container page on the Mozilla Add-ons site in Firefox to install it. Alternatively, go to » in Firefox and search for «Facebook Container». Once you’re on this page, click «Add to Firefox.»

The message «Add a Facebook container» will appear. Click «Add.»

You can see if the tab has Facebook Container active or not by looking for the black line below the tab text.

How to add exceptions

The container isolates your Facebook activity in a special part of the browser. Facebook cannot track your Facebook browsing activity on other websites. However, sometimes you may want to interact with your Facebook account on another website.

If you want to exclude a site from these restrictions, you can add that website as an exception and allow it to interact with Facebook. To do this, browse Firefox to that website. Click the Facebook container icon and select «Allow Facebook Container site.»

Click «Allow» and the page will refresh with these new settings.

With this setting in place, Firefox can give you a browsing experience that doesn’t throw new ads at you based on what you last saw on Facebook.