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How to pay with your mobile phone?


pay by mobile phone

The introduction of new technologies marked a before and an after, improving us day by day. We are already used to paying without cash. First I did it with the books and now we started to do it with the mobile.

Why is this new payment method so successful? There are three main reasons: immediacy, security and comfort. Immediately because the process is instantaneous, security because our terminal protects access to our bank account and convenience because you do not even have to carry a credit card, but only the mobile phone.

What do you need to make a payment with your mobile phone?

If you still do not pay with your mobile phone be very careful because we’ll explain how to do it. To be able to make payments with our mobile phone we will need four essential things:

1. NFC connectivity enabled:

  • If we decide to pay by our mobile phone, it is It is essential to have the NFC system andIn our terminal. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry, because in most mobile phones it is built-in, especially from the 2014 models.
  • You just have to enable this option on your phone and you will be able to use the payments. If your device is older, you can get some stickers and place them on your phone to make that connection.which you need so much. But as we tell you, it is common to already have the system built-in.


2. Operational SIM card:

  • Some operators do not give support for this type of digital payment operations, so you will need to make sure in advance if you can benefit from this feature.
  • However, most entities support for this, such as Movistar, Orange or Vodafone.

sim mobile to pay

3. Payment request:

  • Must download an application which allows us to make payment by mobile phone. The application you need to download will depend on your bank or the type of mobile phone you have.
  • Then we’ll talk about it in more depth so you know which is most appropriate in each case.

bbva mobile payment application

4. Adapted stores:

  • Logically, in order to make the payment, the store or unit must have a compatible device for this. If we see a dataphone that says Contactless and the corresponding symbol will not have to worry about anything. We can make the payment easily.
  • Knowing what we need, it is important to say that this payment method usually works in a very similar way to credit cards. It has no additional costs and is a very safe option, because all bank account data is securely stored on your mobile.

google pay

How to pay by mobile phone in the main banks in Spain?

Before we go into detail about the different alternatives you need to be able to do with your mobile phone, it might be useful for you. see your bank’s payment guide in particular:

Generic applications to make a payment with your mobile phone

  • Apple Pay: It is the Apple application to be able to make payments with iPhone. It is downloaded directly from the official Apple store and its operation is very safe, because it takes advantage of the fingerprint reader that these smartphones have to check every operation.

  • Google Pay: Google already has a long experience that allows users to pay with their mobile, first with the Android Pay service and now with Google Pay. It has a wide range of compatibility with all types of units and works in collaboration with many banking entities, such as OpenBank or BBVA. We can use it on devices equipped with the Android operating system.

  • Samsung Pay: Users who rely on the purchase of terminals manufactured by Samsung, such as the very popular Galaxy models, enjoy their own mobile payment environment: Samsung Pay. It offers excellent security by identifying fingerprints and is compatible with entities such as Santander, CaixaBank or Sabadell, among others.

Banking applications to make mobile payments

Banks have also embarked on the adventure of mobile payment applications so that your customers have a service directly from their accounts without introducing any intermediary as in the previous examples.

  • BBVA wallet: How to carry a wallet on your mobile, being possible to use the application on both Android and iPhone. NFC connectivity will suffice, as you do not need to have a contract with a particular phone company. The main requirement is to be a customer of the bank and to have the personalized access code that can be requested at any branch of the entity.

  • Sabadell wallet: One of its great advantages is that it allows you to make payments without opening the application itself. The only thing to do in these cases is to move the mobile phone closer to the POS in the store and in this way the corresponding payment operation will be generated.

  • Santander wallet: Banco Santander customers not only benefit from the possibility to make payments with their mobile phones, but also to benefit from additional services, such as Bizum, which offers the option to send and receive money between different users.

pay mobile

But this these are just a few examples of banking applications available actually. Other entities, such as La Caixa, OpenBank, ING or Bankia, also have them. For the most part, they all work the same way.

The connection between the bank account, the credit card and the mobile phone is made, and from there the users can make dynamic payments. It is common for security to be strengthened, that notifications are sent as soon as payments exceed a certain amount, and that they are generally apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android.

And in these applications you can set up different credit cards as payment methods alternative, so that, depending on the day of the month or the money we have, we can pay by one card or another.

Except for the fees that are charged to us if we leave something paid on credit, mobile payment applications do not involve any additional fees or charges.