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How to pay by mobile phone with Santander?


Paying by mobile phone with Santander is already one of the practices that most customers of this bank fulfill very up to date with the latest trends.

do it it gives us great flexibility and comfort, because not only do we not carry cash with us, but we do not need to carry a credit card to make payments. Want to know how to do it? Keep reading!

What do you have to pay with your mobile phone at Banco Santander?

Really Not many the requirements for making mobile payments at Banco Santander.

There are technical requirements that must be met from both directions, both from which you are going to make the payment and from which you have the idea to receive it. This means that both the customer and the unit must be prepared to make and receive mobile payments:

  • NFC technology: The customer will need to have a mobile phone that has been equipped with NFC technology, as it is based on payment management.
  • Mobile payment application: Along with this, a mobile payment application must be downloaded to the device, such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Unit ready: In turn, the unit must be prepared and what is required in this case is that its POS (point of sale terminal), the machine used to insert the card and make payments, be equipped with contactless connection technology.

how to pay with your Santander mobile phone

How to make a mobile payment with Banco Santander?

If we are sure that our mobile meets the requirements, the last thing we need to do is test how everything works.

This will depend a bit on whether you have Android or iPhone (we will explain it later in each case). But the steps, in general, are always these:

  1. If we are in a place, such as a cafe, where we can afford to pay with our mobile phone, what we will do is move the device closer to the POS that the employee of the unit will hold his hand or be placed on the table. The contactless system will avoid having contact between the mobile phone and the POS, so being close for NFC technology to work will be more than enough.
  2. When the approach between the two devices takes place, the transaction will be made without any confirmation as long as we’re talking about small payments.
  3. The maximum amount is set at 20 euros. This is a very flexible amount, because if, for example, we are talking about a café, it is rare for the bills to exceed that amount. What if we pay a part a larger amount? In this case, the car will force us to enter the PIN code which is associated with the card in question with which we make the payment.

Everything will be fluid and, above all, safe, because the information we transmit is encrypted so that there is no danger in making this type of payment. Of course, for each operation the corresponding registration will remain in our bank account, so that we are aware of the payments we make with our mobile phone.

Pay with Santander Wallet on an Android

Users of devices equipped with the Android operating system can benefit from the use Santander Wallet application, offering a personalized experience.

It is is the best way to make mobile payments Being customers of this bank, because we can store different credit cards, we can use an even more secure system or we can define predefined payment methods.

It works like the rest of the apps to pay with your mobile phone, but always keeping the experience in a more controlled way, because it is an instrument signed by the Santander bank team itself.

Another advantage of using the Santander wallet is that has the integrated Bizum application, which soon became one of the main trends, so that we can send and receive money between users in an immediate way.

pay santander on android

Pay with Santander on an iPhone (alternative method)

Apple iPhone owners can also benefit from mobile payments directly using their phone. In this case, the application to be installed is mandatory Apple Pay, which is Apple’s tool for managing mobile payments.

application works very safe, as this is one of Apple’s main concerns: ensuring that everything is secure, that privacy is maximum, and that there is no inconvenience in managing our credit cards.

As with the Santander Wallet, too multiple cards can be stored so we can make payments as we prefer.

pay from iPhone Santander