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How to pay by mobile phone with La Caixa?


Paying with your mobile with Caixabank (formerly known as «La Caixa») becomes one of main trends in the use of digital payments, offering great ease of use and comfort.

To do it All we need is a ready-made terminal, a La Caixa card and the use of an application. If you still do not pay with your mobile phone and you are curious to start doing it, we recommend that you read our guide to find out all about the process.

What do you have to pay with your mobile phone at Caixabank?

requirement For the use of mobile payments with La Caixa, they are in the same line as for the rest of the banking entities:

  • NFC technology: The important thing is that our mobile has support for NFC connection, because this is the means by which contactless communication is made for payments.
  • Unit ready: Obviously, the place where we want to make the payment must have a contactless POS, so that we can make the payment with the mobile phone.

What if we don’t have a mobile NFC connection? Surprisingly, Caixabank stands out from most other banks, offering a solution to users.

sticker to be paid with the mobile at the cash register

People who don’t have this technology on their device have to request a Contactless TAP Sticker from your La Caixa account, which is a card system as a sticker that we will stick on the back of our smartphone.

This sticker is like a book, so it acts as such, but it is integrated into the device, so we don’t have to think about whether or not to wear it, as is the case with traditional books. The payment system is the same as if we had NFC technology: you just have to move your mobile phone closer to the POS and the payment will be made.

How do I pay with La Caixa on Android and iPhone?

Detail exact steps that you have to do to pay with your mobile phone if you are a Caixabank customer:

  1. Start we download the application with which La Caixa offers the service. Is called CaixaBank Pay and is available for Android on Google Play and for iPhone in the Apple App Store. Of course, the application is free.
  2. The first thing we will do during installation will be identify us and connect our bank account.
  3. Once inside, we will go to the credit card menu, we will activate mobile payment and with this we will be able to pay. application has a good assortment of features that aim to keep the user satisfied at all times. It has a good system for managing our operations, a fund in which to add all the bank cards we have contracted with the bank and also is compatible with Bizum, so that we can also send and receive money in a simplified way.
  4. Now that we have the app set up, what we’re going to do is go pay a unit What we need to do is move the mobile closer to the POS, without having to touch them due to the features of the contactless system and make sure that the screen of our device is turned on at that time.
  5. I shall hold the phone next to the POS until you hear a «beep» sound. At that point, the POS screen will turn on a few lights to confirm that the payment has been made correctly.
  6. The only exception to this process is if the payment we are trying to make is for one amount greater than 20 euros. In this type of situation, all you have to do is put the card PIN.

step by step you pay with your mobile phone at the cashier

Other Caixabank mobile payment methods

Although the CaixaBank Pay application has the main role and ownership in terms of the services offered by this bank, the reality is that we can make digital payments with your mobile phone through other applications.

La Caixa has worked hard to provide its Android and iOS mobile users with a wide range of alternative payment methods:

  • Garmin Pay
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Apple Pay

Depending on our device or our preferences, we can choose one service or another, but they all have the peculiarity use the same NFC technology and integrate well with La Caixa bank accounts.

In addition, it must be said that from the bank strengthened security and that this is a key feature in using this technology for fast mobile payments. Under no circumstances should you worry about anything, although La Caixa always recommends that your own application be the one we use the most regularly, given that it has full integration with all of our bank’s services.