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How to pay by mobile phone with ING?


Until recently, paying with your mobile in ING did not follow the same mechanics as when we tried to do it with another bank, because this bank had not yet adopted its own method of payment.

However, they have recently caught up and now pay by mobile phone directly to any POS it’s easy for all ING customers,

What do you have to pay with your ING mobile phone?

One of the differences in using the ING bank account to pay with your mobile phone is that this bank strengthens the use of its own technology in the use of third-party applications.

Although iPhone users can use Apple Pay as we will see later, both Android and iOS users will agree that the best method is through its own ING application.

  • NFC technology: The usual requirement in all cases is to have NFC technology support on our mobile phone, through which contactless payment operations are performed.
  • Unit ready: Likewise, the place where we will make the payment must be compatible with the reception of operations through this system, in this case having POS devices that are prepared for it. The good news is that both NFC and contactless POS have already become the norm and it is easy for us to access it without any problems.

payment requirements with ING Mobile

How to pay with the ING application on Android and iPhone?

the steps are so simple like the ones you see below:

  1. To make payments by mobile phone we must have installed the ING application on our device, which is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.
  2. Once inside, we go to the card area, Select the one you want to enter in your mobile payments and click «Setup». In this menu we are offered different options, but the one we are interested in is «Mobile payments» or «No contact». From there we will define that the card we configure can be used with this function.
  3. The configuration process will be done with receiving a code and from that moment we will be able to make payments with the card in question.
  4. Now you just have to go to the establishment and when the clerk asks us to pay, we will bring our mobile phone closer to POS and we will wait a few seconds, without them having to touch for the contactless payment to take place.
  5. If I did a payment that exceeds 20 euros, we will have to enter the PIN number of the card, but if it is below this figure, everything will be immediately. Of course, we are used to making small purchases and for this it is a fast and efficient system, as well as secure.

pay for the mobile phone with the ing

The system is compatible with Android and iOS and is equipped with a security-enhanced security volume which were provided by Redsys and MasterCard to guarantee each transaction.

That guarantees that all information will be encrypted and encrypted, which does not give rise to any kind of problem, nor should there be any concern as to whether or not our data will be secure. The integrity of our information and cards is guaranteed at all times.

How to pay with ING from an iPhone? (alternative method)

Although the above explanation also applies to the iPhone, the reality is that users of Apple has an added chance to dive into: Apple Pay.

Compatibility with the payment platform of the company that created the iPhone opens up new possibilities, especially knowing that there are many mobile phone users from this manufacturer who prefer to use only the technology created by the brand.

The configuration of Apple Pay can be done from the ING application mentioned above. That’s how we easily give you permission. After Apple Pay will be used in combination with the ING app, which is what will help us see the history of transactions with Apple Wallet.

Depending on the iPhone model we have we can add between 8 and 12 different credit cards, so there is no denying that we will have the flexibility to manage payments well.

Apple pay and ING

TWYP, a third way to make mobile payments to ING

As a special mention, we did not want to forget to talk about TWYP, which It is another application that ING offers so that we can make payments with our mobile phone in a comfortable way.

In this case is an application with which we can send and receive money comfortable between different users. To do this, all we have to do is use the contacts we have in our phonebook.

There are no commissions involved and payments are made immediately, regardless of whether the other user does not have an ING account, as the service works with any bank.

ING TWYP application

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