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How to paint a room to make it bigger and brighter

How to paint a room to make it bigger and brighter

To paint a room and make it bigger and bright, we have the wonderful resource of painting paint your walls.

And when I say a room, I actually mean any space: bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, living rooms, hallways, hallways, etc.

Simply by painting the walls in a certain way, we can effectively and remarkably realize that our room looks more spacious and also brighter, by far.

And we’ll see about that later, 5 ways to paint a room to enlarge it visually.

I leave you a video in which I explain these 5 techniques that you can easily apply. If you don’t want to see the video, below it you have the text with images where I tell you step by step.

5 ways to paint a room to make it bigger and brighter

1. Paint everything white

Small room painted green

Photo Blog The Sweet Beast

When we enter a space that has walls painted in one color and the ceiling in another, we put a limit on our eye.

This makes the space look smaller. More defined. Take a look at the following image:

Paint your room to make it look bigger: the ceiling paint from ceiling to wall

The moment you enter this bedroom, the eye perceives a defined boundary that visually limits the size of the space between the walls and the ceiling.

Not only that, but the choice of dark green, as opposed to white, makes the bedroom look smaller.

But before you explain why, look at the following bedroom painted white:

Small room painted white

Design and photography The Faux Martha | Instagram @thefauxmartha

Having no limits images between the ceiling and the walls, the bedroom becomes spacious and also bright.

And that’s the other thing I wanted to say about white.

White is the color that reflects the highest percentage of sunlight; about 80%.

Which means that one bedroom painted white will be brighter than another bedroom painted in any color.

There are exceptions and here you can see them to find out if your camera is one of them.

But if it is not, painting the room or any other space with white, ceiling and walls, will make it visually look much more spacious and also bright.

If you don’t like white and you want to paint your room with colors, the following point interests you:

2. Paint in cool colors to expand the space

Chromatic wheel in cold and warm colors

Cold colors, unlike warm colors, have the peculiarity that it absorbs more light than it reflects.

To find out what the cool colors are, you just have to look at the color wheel.

This means that a space in which the walls were painted with cool colors, they will create a repulsive effect, as if «moving away», making the space visually gain greater depth and visual amplitude.

Take a look at this bedroom we see below. First we will see it painted with a very saturated warm color, then with a cold color and we will analyze the existing difference.

Bedroom painted in warm colors

I added a strong yellow hue, with a lot of saturation. See below the same bedroom with cool colors on the walls:

Bedroom painted in cool colors

Doesn’t it make you feel wider? Or, on the contrary, does it not give you the feeling that the yellow bedroom is more oppressive and more ornate, as if the walls were higher?

So if you want to add color to any space in your house, but you want to create a feeling of space, you can use cool tones.

Also, cool colors are soothing colors, which is perfect for a bedroom. Here you can see the most relaxing 22 colors.

If painting all the walls seems excessive, the next point is for you.

3. Paint an accent wall to make a larger room

Paint the accent wall to make a larger space

Painting an accent wall is another effective way paint a room and make it look bigger.

Let’s take an example:

In a bedroom, we paint the wall of the headboard, which is behind the bedroom, a cool color.

We leave the rest of the walls white or add a very soft neutral tone like gray.

When we enter the bedroom our eye will immediately turn to the back wall.

Thus we will create a «tunnel» or «tube» effect, giving the bedroom visual depth and making it visually wider. Look at this bedroom:

Bedroom with accent wall to make it bigger

The moment we enter this bedroom, our eyes turn to the back wall, so we make it gain depth, visually expanding its size.

Although even in this case we could paint an accent wall with warm colors, as we saw earlier, cool tones work better, because it seems that the walls «move away», gain depth.

Not only with simple colors we can create a space effect. We can also use a painting technique:

4. Paint stripes to make a larger space

Sure, when you wore a horizontal striped shirt, you looked wider, didn’t you?

That’s because we guide the eye from left to right, following the lines of the shirt and we gain depth in width.

Well, the same principle we can apply it on the walls to make them look wider.

So if you want a wall to look wider, you can paint horizontal stripes, as in this bedroom we see below:

Bedroom painted in horizontal stripes to make it visually larger

In this bedroom, without even realizing it as a reflex action, our eyes look at him from left to right, making him look wider than he is.

It is an effect that works very well.

And not just to make a room or any other space look wider, but even bigger, if we paint vertical stripes:

Paint vertical stripes to make the bedroom taller

As in the previous example, our eyes follow the stripes, in this case vertical, making us look from top to bottom and widening the height of the ceiling.

If you are interested in this effect, here you can see how to make the ceiling look higher, where you can see other effective solutions and ideas.

And if you want to paint stripes and look for ideas, here you can see 30 ideas for painting striped walls.

Now let’s move on to the next way to paint a room to make it look bigger:

5. Inclined ceilings, painted in the same color as the walls

This solution is for sloping roofs, such as skylights or attics.

In these cases, when the walls are very small due to the inclination of the gabled roof or a slope, it is best to paint both the walls and the ceiling the same color.

Take a look at the attic bedroom below:

Attic bedroom with low walls

Photo Kaczorkowy Lajf

A wallpaper was placed on the walls, creating, as we saw in the first point, a limit of the eye.

In this case, moreover, since the walls are so small, we still make the bedroom look smaller.

Now look at this other bedroom:

Attic bedroom with painted walls of the same color as the ceiling

Design and photography Amy Wilson Interiors

It has smaller walls than the previous one. Much lower.

But when it is painted the same color as the ceiling, the eye does not perceive as much limit or contrast and we create the feeling that the space is wider.

And, as you can see, it is not necessary to use white, but you can use other colors.

Of course, the clearer it is, the better.

If you want to see more solutions, here it is 17 ideas to make your room look bigger in one day.

And if you think these solutions we’ve seen can help a friend or family member, share them. Thanks!