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How to open the lock of a locked door?

How to open the lock of a locked door?

How do I open the lock of a locked door?

Suppose a situation in which we are urged to enter an enclosure (whether at home, in the office or at the workshop); but we don’t have the keys at hand which open the door lock. Up, this was secured with the pin or screw.

If we look at things from the point of view of the half-empty glass, we will find ourselves in a context that we will consider it a fatality, as a big problem and we tend to react negatively.

Inverse, if we look at this from the perspective of the half-full glass, we will believe that it is an opportunity to learn new things, from gain knowledge and expand skills that we did not identify with ourselves.

Opening the lock of a locked door

If the need to access enclosed spaces is really urgent, as is usually the case when there are accidents, such as domestic fires, It will not be possible for us to open the lock of a locked door without causing damage.

Manual picking techniques are effective in these circumstances; but it takes time to obtain satisfactory results; and the time is element that we lack the most in these situations.

In any case, it’s better use a quick, safe, and highly effective tool, such as a cracked tube; knowing that the lock can also be opened with a cylinder extraction device and by drilling or milling the cylinder.

  1. Opening the cylinder lock with a crack tube.

Fortunately, current marketlocksmith objectspromotions professionals in this field, as well as rescue authorities and various rescue and rescue groups, «BREAK» emergency opening module.

The main tool contained in this module it is him Powerful Pull Cracker, for cylinders with European profile; that is, for cylinder locks.

Performance of this cracker it’s pretty simple and effective because, unlike other crackers, Power Pull Cracker bases its resistance on a special tensioning screw which is screwed into the cylinder.

In addition to exerting the pulling force, the special tensioning screw It has another function: to prevent the switch tube from slipping and releasing the lock, making work easier, faster and safer.

The use «Power Pull Cracker» is extremely simple:

  1. You start separating the head of the rupture tube from its axis.

  2. Then we put our heads down Power Pull Cracker about the light bulb of the lock and fasten it.

  3. It helps us with a 20-bit Torx (between 50 and 70 mm), we screw a special tensioning screw into the keyhole locking cylinder. This screw will be the one that prevents the drum from breaking the drum.

  1. We reunite the shaft with the cracker headand we execute movements in all directions: from top to bottom and from right to left, until the locking cylinder body is broken.

  2. When the light bulb broke, remove the part that is attached to the tensioning screw and I finished opening the key with a «universal» key.

module «BREAK» emergency opening has among its elements with:

  • one Power Pull Cracker tool, for the Europrofile cylinder.

  • 30 special screwsVIPER voltage, with diameters:

  • one drill adapter for fixing the screw.

  • one universal shortcut key of construction.

  • one Allen key 6 mm.

  • one Bag 350 x 130 x 80 MM

  1. How do I open a round drum lock on a locked door?

We could easily fall into the mistake of thinking in which break the cylinder of a round lockIt is something impossible or very difficult to achieve. However, if you count with the right tool, anything is possible.

To break a cylinder of a round drum lock, we can use two tools which will allow us to do it as easily as a cylinder drum breaks:

  • Round disease switch, 32 mm.

  • Round cylinder switch, with bulb or bulb adapter.

B.1. Open a lock with 32 mm round switch.

This tool he does his job to break the round cylinders based on a rotational motion; To do this, the following steps must be followed:

  • Basically, you have to do it two perforations which will serve as a basis and will help secure the switch to the locking drum.

  • The same tool can be used like a chisel to score points in which the perforations will be made.

  • Once the holes are made, the tool tips are inserted into them.

  • With a 19 mm wrench, the nut on the switch head is rotated, with which it is possible to fragment the cylinder levers.

By purchasing the switch for round diseases, we have to make sure its content is:

  • one round pot breaker.

  • one twist drill (High speed steel or high speed steel), 5.5 mm.

B.2. Open a lock with round cylinder switch, with bulb or bulb adapter.

This burglar is a very simple tool in in terms of its structure and use. It is basically a steel tube and high quality materials, which has with two interchangeable adapters.

one of adapters serves to break or crack round cylinders, while the other adapter used when the locking drum is of this kind European profile.

Despite its usefulness, cylinder switch with interchangeable adapters has a limitation: can only be used on rotors or cylinders protruding from the door surface.

Despite its limitations, it is still an indispensable tool in the work done by locksmith professionals, fire brigade and rescue and emergency care groups.