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How to open eMule ports on the router

How to open eMule ports on the router

Open the ports in eMule It is one of the tasks required for this well-known download program to work properly on your computer. However, opening ports can be a bit difficult if we do not know what the configuration steps are. We will learn what they are for and what it is step by step, so you can apply it to your router model.

What are the ports on the router?

Today emule is one of customers for P2P downloads, better known. But in order to use it you will have to open the ports. When you refer to router ports, you’re even talking about a number of protocols that help eMule work properly. Specifically, there are two protocols or ports:

  • TCP protocol (Transport control protocol) a large amount of data is used to send data reliably. Although the process can be slow, it is preferable given the security with which they are transmitted.
  • UDP protocol (User Datagram Protocol) it works in the opposite direction, allowing more data and therefore a higher speed but less security.

In the case of emulates, the program uses these two protocols or ports to connect to a server. If the ports are closed, that’s called I’m low.

This means that the ability to download and upload emule files will be very limited. This is because the port to connect to servers is different from the one used to transfer clients. When connected to servers, a signal is sent to the data transfer port. If closed, the ID will be subtracted. It will be raised if the iD is open.

Open the router ports manually

It should be noted that the indications for open emule ports in Windows, may vary depending on router model and from your network provider, whether it’s from Movistar or another company, although in any case the process is similar, only the location of the menu or options will vary. To perform this process, here are the steps on your computer:

  • You must first connect to your network and open your internet browser and enter the IP address of the router. As a general rule, they are usually as follows: or If you can’t access either of these, you can consult the router’s manual or request support.
  • Then you need to enter your login details and password and click on access to the router to connect. By default, it is usually: admin and 1234, but again you can check it in the router’s manual or ask for support again.
  • When you were able to access the router, you should look in the menu Advanced settings and click. In this section you need to access the options NAT> Virtual Servers. Press Add to add ports.
  • To find out which ports emule uses, start the program and go to Options> Preferences> Connection> Port. Here you will find the ports you need to open on the router, both TCP and UDP.
  • In the section Server IP address enter the IP address of the computer. You can check it by accessing from this address: whatismyipaddress
  • The next step is to write down the names of the ports we have entered Start external port. A new box will appear in which you will put Start internal port. We follow the same steps and check if it is TCP protocol.
  • We have to repeat the process with the other port, but this time UDP protocol. Save the whole process.
  • You should now go to the eMule setup menu page: Click Preferences and Connection> Check ports. You can now perform a connection test to verify that everything is working properly.
  • If all the options are set up correctly and the ports are opened without any problems, the low ID will go to the high ID and you will be able to connect without any problems.

If at any time the steps listed do not match your company’s router, whether it’s Movistar or anything else, you should go to the support office for advice and help that will help you when it comes to opening. easy ports.

What should you do with the firewall?

When opening emule ports, you should note that Windows firewall can block communications. To prevent this from happening, during the process of opening emule ports, a window will appear with a message warning you if you want to create an exception in the Windows firewall. Here you need to click Allow access to avoid this issue.

Now you can enjoy multitude of emule downloads, which, despite the time, continues to be one of the favorite options of internet users. Although yes, keep in mind that not all downloads are safe, so you need to keep this in mind to protect your computer. Always contact support to clarify these doubts, make sure you keep your servers up to date and update your addresses.

Did you know …

The name «eMule» comes from an animal called a mule, which looks like a donkey.

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