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How to open an armored door

como abrir una puerta blindada

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If you read this, there are two possible reasons:

  1. you left the key in the house when you left in a hurry,
  2. You lost your set of keys.

Yes, don’t worry, it happened to all of us at some point in our lives. That’s why you wonder how to open an armored door.

Therefore, in this article we will teach you how to open a security door in different ways that were used by locksmiths, expert thieves and even Sherlock Holmes himself. All locks can be opened, even doors that are locked inside.

how to open an armored door

In this way, we will help you get out of the bad weather that stays away from home.

Can you open an armored door?

One of the questions that arises when you realize that you made a small mistake leave the key inside the house or lose it:

Can you open a closed armored door?

And the answer to this is a simple yes, every door can be opened, even the armored doors of the vault can be opened.

This depends, of course, on the technique used to open the armored door and the level of instructions you have for the opening locks, which for this case we assume will be a level zero.

Therefore, here we will show you what techniques you should apply and how to open an armored door.

How to open an armored door with the key inside?

Open an armored door using Bumping Keys

Armored doors can be opened as well hitting the keys they are a good solution.

If you want to save a good amount of money, you can decide to buy one set of keys that hit, which will help you open your door and more.

How does a woodworking key work?

hitting the keys works on a basic principle of needle alignment or internal locking pistons. Align them to the cutting point exactly so that the lock can be turned as if it had the original key inside.

Learn how to open an armored door with a wooden key

  • To do this, you must insert the impact wrench into the keyhole.
  • The key should come in easily, because it is essentially the same key model only with the teeth at the lowest level.
  • Now with a hammer or object that allows you to hit, preferably rubber To avoid damaging the door or damaging the key, tap the key several times (without bending it).
  • Try to turn the key, if it makes the turn completely, perfectly and you can open the door. If not try rotating it and hitting it again, alternating between twisting and hitting, until the lock rotates completely.

This way, the door will be open and you will be able to enter the house again.

how to open an armored door

Locks to open an armored door

Lockpicks are always welcome if you open a door, whether it has a simple padlock or is a reinforced door or security.

Locks They are used by locksmiths and masters in the art of opening doors all over the world and for many years in history.

But do not let this take your spirits, anyone can learn to use and especially to apply the technique correctly. open a peephole door.

It should be clarified that the lock options used by locksmiths can hardly be found in hardware stores or locksmiths, so you should make them your own.

For this you can use a pair of sturdy threads, a hex key of the finest as a lever, make the drops with two clips or hair clips.

When you make them, you have to give one of them an L shape, use it as a lever and the other, leave it elongated with one of the flattened tips and about 3 millimeters raised upwards.

That way, you already have your options, use them correctly now.

Learn how to open an armored door with screws

  • Insert the file L-shaped lever or foot at the bottom of the lock, smooth part or widest.
  • Now, with the long choice, insert it until you reach the first piston to open, then with the tip of the pick, push it in the opposite direction.
  • After that, try to turn the lock, if it turns completely, you can open the door.
  • However, in most cases it only makes half the row, so it should insert the long extension cord again and push the next piston and spins again.
  • In this way, the lock must turn and open the door without any problems.

Use a credit card to open a security door if you don’t have a lock

Credit card is always welcome to open any type of doora, especially when you have to hurry to your home, the credit card attempt is never too big.

It is recommended to use any plastic card other than a credit card, such as gifts, games, or membership cards.

armored door

Open an armored door with a credit card

  • Insert the plastic card about 8 inches from the lock into the slot between the door and the door frame.
  • Continue to lower or slide the card to the height of the lock.
  • Here you will have to press to deactivate the action of the slider (the latch or the moving metal part of the lock that keeps the door closed and is operated with the movement of the button) on its space inside the door.
  • Now apply pressure with the card and push the door opener on the door handle.
  • After a few presses and pressures with the card sliding, the door should give way and you should finally be able to enter your apartment or house.

Extreme cases of opening the security door: Kickstand

If you can’t open the door with any of the above methods and you’re still reluctant to call a locksmith, you can open the security door using a bracket or lever.

For this you have to insert its tip into the edge of the lock and the door frame, give a few heavy blows and make space between the door and the frame.

Then focus on sliding, try to get him back until the door opens.

You can choose to change the door, repair it, call the insurance to put a new or better one, call a locksmith before breaking down the armored door.