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How to open a wooden door

como abrir una puerta de madera

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wooden doors are usually the ones that lock the most, that’s why in this post we show you how to open a wooden door.

Different methods to open a wooden door without a key

Wooden doors are usually doors used inside. These are the typical doors in bedrooms, bathrooms and offices or interior offices. Some of these doors are open with old keys.

Due to their constant use, they are usually the ones that lock most often and it is necessary to apply a different turnkey method to open them.

how to open a wooden door

Sometimes we forget that it must have been posted on the door so we close and leave the door closed to lime and song.

Not to mention the classic wooden doors: lock the key inside. Or worse, lock it and then check if the key location hasn’t been known for a long time. You already know that you can try to open the door with a card, but sometimes you can use other methods depending on the type of door you want to open, because they have different types of locks.

Whatever your case, in this post we share some tips that will help you get out of your problem with a closed (wooden) door.

Before you open it, know the door and the lock

This point is vital if we are to succeed in our business open the wooden door.

Almost always, when it comes to wooden doors, we are talking about doors for home interiors. So your locks are not as complicated as exterior door locks can be.

Although sometimes the opposite happens. We need to know what lock type It has.

The most commonly used types of locks for wooden doors

Single point notch lock

Single point or single point locks single latch are the most common. The name suggests the complexity of the locking system which is made up of a single point or hook. They are the easiest to open.

Pocket or notch locks

They are used in two-leaf doors. They are embedded in its center. They are more difficult to open compared to single point locks. And if you want to keep the wood in good condition.

Multipoint locks

If your wooden door has a multi-point lock, you should know that it is one of the most complex locks when it comes to opening them without a key. This is due to a mechanism composed of a multipoint or hook locking system.

Once we know what type of lock we are dealing with, we can continue to open our wooden door.

Learn how to open a wooden door

How to open a wooden door using a card

This popular method of opening wooden doors is most recommended when it comes to a door with a single locking point or from single latch. Although you can also try it on a balloon door.

The mechanism consists of taking a credit card, a card or a DNI and inserting it through the space between the door and the frame. Once the card is positioned, we slide down to the lock latch. Rarely will the door open on the first try. That is why the movement must be repeated as many times as necessary. Sometimes the credit card breaks before you see results.

how to open a wooden door locked with a card

Most experts in the field can do it in seconds. Don’t faint if you don’t come out after a while.

The idea is that you put more pressure than with your arm With the force of your wrist, you will thus be able to distinguish, by touch, where the latch moves.

How to open a wooden room door using a hook or wire

Wires or hooks are widely used when opening a door, either in a vehicle or outdoors. They can also be used to open the room door.

Although, in this case, the mechanics are somewhat different. Instead of using the hook for pull the safety (as is done in car doors) we will use the hook as if it were a key.

Opening the wooden door with a hook or wire

  • We have a strong wire that can fit in the keyhole.
  • We insert the thread and start force the mechanism.
  • We must pay attention to sounds and touch, because all locks behave differently.
  • The movement that will help us open the lock is a kind of L: at the bottom and side (in the part where the key rotates).

A variant of how to open a lock on a wooden door

On some doors, the latch is almost exposed in the middle of the door and frame. This is often the case when it comes to single point doors.

We will take advantage of this location on display of the latch and, instead of forcing through the keyhole, we will do it directly on it.

The latch can also be exposed by hitting the wall at the height of the lock.

How to open a wooden door with a knife?

If the only thing you have at hand is a knife, you can apply the same principle we use with the wire.

On the one hand, you can use the tip of the knife if it is a key. And on the other hand you can go straight to force the latch.

If the door does not open at all: remove the lock

If you do not know how to open a wooden door, because you have already tried all the methods we share here, you can use this as a last resort (before using machinist or slam the door down). It is about spitting the padlock From outside.

In some cases, it’s easier than you think. At the base of the button or button is a decorative cylindrical piece (it is a lid). You can do this by pressing with a screwdriver.

This will expose the screws. Once you have he removed the lid you can continue digging up the rest of the pieces. Continue carefully.