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How to open a wooden door without a key

como abrir una puerta de madera sin llave

The cover » How to open a wooden door without a key how to open a wooden door without a key

If you were wondering how to open a wooden door without a key. then stay with us. Here’s how.

Wooden doors, in most cases, are doors used inside: bedrooms, bathrooms.

These can be easier to open doors. Although if you have no experience in the art of locksmith and forcing Blocking may seem like a complete challenge at first. We have items for those doors that are a little more difficult, like when we talk about how to open a locked door, but in this case, the interior doors are much easier for any beginner in the locksmith.

How to open a wooden door without a key by pressing the mechanism with a hook

If it is a locked wooden door without a key and, in addition, it is a simple lock, you can open it in a few minutes using this technique:

  • Take a paper clip, roll it straight
  • Insert the clip into the keyhole all the way.
  • Turn the knob.
  • Open the door and enter.

how to open a wooden door without a key

Easy. Although sometimes it can be a bit more complicated.

If the keyless wooden door can withstand opening with a single clip, then the next trick may result.

How to open a keyless wooden door using a butter knife

If the wooden door is locked without a key, So that means that what keeps us from entering is a only latch known as latch.

SLIP it is a piece, almost always triangular, that enters and leaves each time we turn the door handle. And it is easier to force than the locks that lock the door when the key is passed.

That’s why we can use a simple tool, such as a spreading knife. Although we can also use a spatula. Or some other boring utensil. If you don’t have other options, a butcher knife might work, though it’s a little riskier – you could cut yourself with it. In addition, it is less durable and can break. In any case, you must always be careful.

  • Take a knife (preferably from the table knives we use for spreading)
  • Insert the knife into the space between the door wood and the frame. Right in the center of the lock. At the point where the latch known as SLIP. The exact location of this point may vary from door to door.
  • With the tip of the knife find the latch.
  • When you have specified the part between the knife and the other side, start pressing towards the side of the door. Remember we want to sage the latch inside the door.
  • Try movements from different angles. What works best most of the time is to tilt the knife and use diagonally until you get put the latch.
  • When the latch leaves the frame at keep at the door, you will feel the knife tilted more, at that moment you can open the door.

how to open a keyless aluminum door

Open a wooden door without a key, using a click and a power bar

The trick of opening the door with a click from the clipboard is well known. What most door-opening art lovers don’t know is that in reality this is trick it works more and better than you think.

The other thing that people outside the world of the locksmith and forcing, that is, most mortals, is that opening a door with a click is not how movies show it.

When it comes to a door with a single screw one click can work. But when working with more modern and complex locks, we need to help ourselves with another tool.

Here we show you everything they didn’t tell you open a keyless wooden door using a click like the pros.

Preparing the utensils to open the wooden door when we don’t have a key

To open the durable wooden door, we need:

  • One click.
  • A hex key or Allen key (the thinnest in the kit, which will have about the diameter of the click).
  • A hammer.

But let’s improve our clipboard. To do this, click on it and give it an elongated shape. Then, with the hammer, hit one of the tips, carefully, until it is as flat as possible.

how to open a door without a double key for pallets

Opening a wooden door with a click, a tension bar and without a key (professional)

  1. Insert the Allen key into the screw. Turn it over like a door key. When you meet resistance and you can’t keep coming back apply pressure as hard as you can, but not hard enough to break the Allen key.
  2. Now enter the flattened tip of the click above the Allen key. Push it until you hit an obstacle. This is the first pin or needle of the screw. Move the click in all directions until you no longer feel the needle. You will notice when the pin has moved, because the Allen key, with which you apply voltage, will move a little. Keep it in this new position.
  3. Remove the click and insert it back into the screw. Once again you will come across a pin or piston that gets in your way. Move the click in different directions until the pin clicks. The Allen key will move a little more.
  4. Repeat the procedure until the door opens.

What can I do if I have to open a wooden door without a key?

Sometimes none of the methods seem to work as they should. And if you don’t want to call the locksmith and do things yourself, there’s another alternative:

Remove a lock from a wooden door

It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the key. That the door has the last lock and key. Learn how to disassemble the lock like a pro.

You have to:

  • Butter knife
  • Screwdriver

Please note that all of the above instruments can be improvised.

  1. Lift the button ring with the tip of the butter knife until you discover the screws.
  2. Remove the screws using a screwdriver.
  3. Turn the knob until it is removed.
  4. Once you remove the button, the lock will be almost exposed. Pull the bar or button shaft with the hammer hooks. You can place a piece of cardboard over the door to support the hammer before you take courage.
  5. A few times pulling the hammer towards you will be enough to remove a large part of the lock.
  6. If the door still does not open, remove the rest of the locking mechanism using the screwdriver and hammer.

Please note that removing the lock can cause irreparable damage to the door.