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How to open a security door

como abrir una puerta de seguridad

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It often happens that for one reason or another you leave the key in the house or lose it on the road or on the bus.

And you are in the difficult situation of forcing your own door without success, so you should call a locksmith, so that, with their techniques and tools, you can open the way to your own home, you need to open a door to a room.

That is why we will teach you in this article how to open a security door using alternative methods, which work very well.

5 things you should know before opening a security door

  • Security doors have several screws or bolts, which keep the door closed when the key is passed. So you have to keep in mind that if the door has been locked, it cannot be opened with any of the methods that will be taught below (credit card).
  • You can only open it if it is closed without passing the key (credit card).
  • We must specify that you can use these techniques only in case of emergency.
  • You can only apply the knowledge gained in this article, in your own room or at home.
  • If you do it on private property without the consent of the owners, you can be seriously endangered by law.

how to open a security door

Now yes, let’s start with the article.

3 ways to open a security door

There are a few ways to open a security door and here we will present them to you, they all have different levels of difficulty, you choose the one that best suits your situation.

Use a plastic card to open a security door

This is a technique known to many, but not everyone knows how to apply it perfectly, because it has a very archaic knowledge or they have only heard about it.

However, here we will show you which is the right path to opens a security door with a plastic card.

What type of plastic card to use? That’s a good question, do credit cards work, but is it worth risking your bank card to open a door? we do not believe.

We recommend that you use a card made of a plastic bottle of milk, juice, soda, or the like, as they are also made of more flexible plastic, and if you damage it, you would not endanger your beloved credit card.

how to open an armored door with the key locked

Now, let’s open the door.

  • Insert the card into the hole between the door and the door frame, at least one foot away from the lock.
  • Start carefully lowering the card, applying pressure and holding it in the hole.
  • When the card no longer goes down, it will be because you hit the slip (movable part of the lock that allows the door to be kept closed).
  • There you will have to keep the card inside the slot and remove only the bottom of the card and lowering a few inches while the top is held in place and pushing the bottom back.
  • This will ensure that the card takes up space between the latch and the door frame.
  • Now you just have to take the handle or button, and push as if you were open at the same time as applying pressure to the card.
  • Without further ado, the lock should give.

Opening a security door using a lock key

One way you can open a security door and almost any door is with a colliding key. The keys that hit are the main keys that they have symmetrical teeth that allow the alignment of the internal needles of the lock and thus unlock the door.

What do you need? A bump key, which you can buy a set from Amazon or a hardware store (you can also do it with a blank key and a file). You will need a rubber pad or any object that allows you to hit, a heeled shoe will do.

Opening the door.

  • Take the key (it should be the size of the lock) and insert it into the lock, try to turn it a little.
  • Now, with the help of the hammer, lightly touch the tip of the key.
  • One technique that works well is to hit and try to turn around, this to align the locking pins.
  • Keep doing the procedure several times, until you try to make the turn, you can turn completely.
  • That’s it, you’ve already opened the door.

Basically, you just have to find the rhythm by pressing the key and try until there is a lock. He has no science, it is a technique used by locksmiths, so he never fails.

open the anti-squat door

How to open a security door if you are in the room? Remove the hinges

This usually happens sometimes, you don’t have the key and someone with great grace leaves you locked in the room.

All you have to do is apply a very practical technique that you can only access if you are in the room.

Remove the hinges

To do this, you should only use an object that serves as a hammer and a knife and an object with a metal blade that allows you to lift the hinges.

Of course, then someone else is assembling the door again.

For remove the hinges

  • Use the razor to lift the flattened head off each of the hinges.
  • Now, with the help of the hammer, the mass or any object you use to hit, start throwing each hinge up.
  • It is recommended to start from top to bottom, normally the doors have three hinges, so the first one to be removed should be the one at the top.
  • Once you remove the hinges, just pull the door towards you, being careful not to come at you.
  • And now you can leave, wait for the key to mount the door again, or leave a message saying the door has been knocked down, it usually works.

We hope this article has been helpful and I helped you open a security door and that you took advantage of the knowledge passed on.