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How to open a locked door without a key

como abrir una puerta trabada sin llave

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Nothing compares to the happiness of entering your room after a long day of study. Or you can enter your home to watch your favorite series after a difficult day at the office.

All these are things that can be done with the functional set of a door, a key and a lock. However, they sometimes seem to conspire so that you cannot enter your home. It can happen to you even inside the bathroom and you find that you can’t open the bathroom door.

And even if you have a key or the door turns the knob just because it has no lock, it refuses to open.

For this reason, we decided to teach you in this article how to open a locked door without a key in different ways so that you can choose the method or circumstance most similar to yours.

Door locked due to wear

A the door is locked due to wear it is a probable cause that your door is locked without a key.

And one way to open it is by disarming the lock, don’t be alarmed.

how to open a locked door without a key

  • For this you will need a screwdriver or screwdriver if your door has screws on the top, do you not have screws? It can be round button and have a single threaded plate.
  • If this is the second case, you just need to unscrew the sheet metal with a fine object, such as a knife.
  • You can unlock the latch inside the lock, if you had activated safely you can deactivate it by pushing out a horizontal metal piece.
  • This way, the door would already be open and you should try to change the lock only as soon as possible.

The door is locked due to unevenness

If it is a bumps between the door, the frame, the lock and especially between the sliding and the notch it has to enter to lock the door, it is most likely that after much opening and closing the door will end up being blocked due to the unevenness that exists.

This has even happened to us, so I recommend you do the following.

If you are in the room:

Try disarm the lock and remove it completely, we recommend this, because the lock when running on a slope will have scratches, deformations and bends, so it is better to replace it with a new and better quality.

  • To disarm the lock, simply remove the buttonPressing with a knife, fine-tipped scissors, razor or sturdy, fine object on a small hole in the locking cylinder, pressing will release the button.
  • Now you can see the exposed cylinder without a button, to remove the thread plate that connects the lock to the door, giving it a good look.
  • After removal, you can remove a more sturdy sheet than the first one that is normally held by 2 or three screws.
  • After removing the screws and the plate, you will be able to see the inside of the lock.
  • Now it only takes a few taps to release the door lock.
  • Finally, with the help of a screwdriver or a knife, pull the locking hook and with this the door would be unlocked.

locked door lock closed

Locked security door

How to open a locked door that is locked with a lock is a question that is not often asked. Therefore, we will show you one of the best ways to unlock a door without a key.

Credit card or x-ray.

Any sturdy plastic works to open a locked door, it doesn’t matter that it’s not a credit card, because the doors don’t care.

A gift card, club, card, member works well.

Do not be discouraged if you do not have a card, you can also use an x-ray or a piece of soda glass.

Learn how to open a locked door without a key in simple steps with a plastic card.

    • Insert the gift card into the slot between the door frame and the door.
    • This can be done about 8 inches above the lock to make it easier for the card to enter the slot and then slide lightly.
    • If the space is large at the height of the lock, the card can be inserted there from the beginning.
    • After inserted the card you need to put pressure on the lock, especially on the slide.
  • Since this takes care keep the door closed.
  • With the card, what you will do is push or roll the slide, in the position it would be and if you had the key.
  • To open the door you will have to push it a few times so that the card gains a few millimeters and can stay with the position of the slide.
  • After that, the door should open completely after one last push.

open the locked door latch

The door is blocked due to humidity

One of the reasons why the locking of wooden doors is due to moisture, especially on cold or rainy days.

Especially if the door is made of veneered wood, ie fan and locks the door.

Learn how to open a locked door without a key due to humidity.

Apply a little oil 3 in 1 on the hinges for a smooth movement or if you have a little coconut or almond oil apply a little on the edge of the door and the frame.

This way, when closed, it will not get stuck or, if locked, will help release the pressure between the door and the frame.