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How to open a locked door without a key

como abrir una puerta cerrada sin llave

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Open a door emergency It is a task we must face one day. That’s why we teach you how to open a locked door without a key.

So, if you are looking for how to open a locked door without a key, there are two possibilities:

  1. the door is slammed without a single pass of the key.
  2. the door is closed too you don’t have the key.

Rest assured, whatever your case in this post you will learn how to open the door that is locked without a key. I taught you how to open an armored door, this is a much simpler method. Before!

how to open a locked door without a key

How to open a locked door without a key?

The million dollar question.

Slammed doors open more easily, because we do not have to force the safety lock, nor should the screw pins open

All we need to do is do it SLIP (which is a small triangle-shaped latch that goes in and out every time we turn the knob) sage so we can open the door.

How can we do this if we don’t have the key?

There are several techniques. We explain the best.

Make your own key

Just because you don’t have a door key doesn’t mean you should miss one and its benefits when you open a lock.

But because we don’t have the exact key that opens the file the problem of the door we have to improvise.

Use a similar key

Most keys in the same house or office are keys that belong to one same lock pattern. Therefore, they are, when not identical, very similar.

And this is already a good starting point to open the door.

What should we do if we have a similar key to the one with the door closed?

  1. Make us that the key fits well in the keyhole. And that it can be extinguished as well. Sometimes it happens that many keys, because they do not correspond to that lock, enter very easily, but they are hard to remove.
  2. Obtain lubricant and distribute it generously on the tip of the key and in the keyhole.
  3. Put the key in the padlock and, always keeping it inside, move it in all possible directions: from up to down; from outside to; from left to right and even diagonally.
  4. The key to this technique (known to locksmiths in the trade as key collection or, the key force in our language) is apply pressure and move the key until the door opens.
  5. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get it on the first try. Try to pay attention bolt behavior and his pines. You will be surprised at how powerful this technique can be.

how to open a locked door without a key

Make some plastic keys

When it comes to improvising keys, plastic is an excellent ally.

If you pay attention to your surroundings, you will see that around you it is possible to find elements that can be used to open a door. Items such as:

  • X rays.
  • Acetate sheets.
  • Credit card.
  • Siphon bottles.

How to open a locked door without key, using improvised plastic tools?

Whether you opt for an x-ray, some sheets of acetate, a card that you scratch with you, or a piece of plastic from a siphon bottle, the principle in all cases is the same:

  • Insert the piece of plastic about 8 to 6 inches above or below the lock.
  • Slide it with force and pressure towards the lock.
  • When you start to come in contact with the latch and screw, increase the force.
  • Sometimes it works vibrate the piece of plastic in front of the latch. That is, make quick, short sideways movements, but always pushing, until the opening.

The different elements of PVC or acetate that you can find have different advantages and peculiarities. To give:

  • Credit, debit or ID cards are easy to find (we all carry them in our wallet). If it is a multi-latch lock can be broken. You have to be willing to be you credit card is damaged.
  • On the other hand, X-rays are made of durable and at the same time very flexible acetate sheets. They allow us to reach places and corners inaccessible to any other object.
  • If you go for plastic in a bottle, you will need scissors or a razor to cut the plastic. You have the advantage of cutting several plastic sections of different sizes and testing.

Makeshift metal keys

If we do not have a similar key, a credit card or a piece of plastic at hand, we can improvise other types of keys. I can work as tools to open a locked door without a key:

  • Construction wires.
  • Clamps or clips.
  • Hair clips or needles.
  • Flat head screwdrivers.
  • A hex key that fits in the keyhole.

How can I open a locked door without a metal tool?

The technique of opening a door can vary slightly depending on the tool you are using. But the principle is the same:

  • Make sure the tool you are using can enter and exit easily of the lock.
  • If you have a hex key or flat head screwdriver on hand, try to make sure it meets the above requirement.
  • It is about mounting the part in the lock and force making fast, strong and controlled movements in different directions as you go turning the knob of the door.

how to open a small padlock without a key and without breaking it

As you know all doors are different and behaves differently. Even a door seemingly identical to another, of the same house or building. Even if I can have the same thing exact locking pattern it can be a challenge.

Why is this happening?

Because it influences different elements and factors: such as how many times the lock was used, door and frame level (If they are uneven, they can be a real headache). And so on to the infinity of the variability to which the doors are subjected.

for there is not a single magic tip that can open all the doors but rather a few guiding principles, which have been patiently applied, and why not, some luck can make you open the locked door.

This is known and assumed even by the most experienced locksmiths.

Other ways to open a closed door if you don’t have the key

Since we want you to increase your chances of success by opening that door that refuses to be opened, we share a series of techniques (which we have explained in other installments). These techniques can work very well to unlock that and other doors, whether or not you have the key:

  1. Application of the technique of knocking key
  2. Removing lock
  3. Forcing the latch with a knife
  4. Drilling the screw
  5. Using brute force.
  6. How to make a master key.

Remember to be careful when it comes to it open a door without a key. Without working in a hurry, you could hurt yourself or others. Patience is important, keep in mind that there is no lock or impossible door. In addition, you always have the option to call the locksmith.