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How to open a locked door

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This trick or trick which we present to you so that you can open a door with a lock that can save your life. And, yes, you probably saw it in a movie and you thought it was impossible to do, let’s just say it’s not.

It is very possible, with a few tools and a little practice that you can do. It is a technique similar to the one I have already taught to open a door with a clip, so we recommend that you consult this article to have all the information.

how to open a locked door

Therefore, in this article we will teach you how to open a door with a latch.

Open a door with a pin

Here we will teach you how to open a locked door, however, you must keep in mind that this you can only do it in your room or houseBecause if a person sees you doing this, they will think you are trying to enter private property.

Which can mean serious legal issues for you.

What you need to open a locked door

Two hairpins

We will use them as home lock options which will allow us to open the door lock.

Use pliers or pliers to open the door

If you have a clip or pliers, you can use it to give your hair the right shape.

Learn how to open a door with a latch

The first thing you should do is model your pins, as they will act as a choice.

Form the hair pins

To do this, take the first of the pins and fold it in half with pliers, as they are usually quite hard.

The first will serve as a lever, so you need to make sure that you give it the correct shape, similar to the letter L, leaving the smallest part of the «L» with the curved part of the pin. You will need to flatten it a little so that it is thin and you can insert it through the door handle and use the long part as a handle.

the second pin you will need to stretch it as much as you can, to make it flat and smooth, because we will use this «key» and you have to fold a few 3 millimeters up at its peak.

Finally you have to from the shape of the backTo be able to hold it, you can make a kind of circle or triangle to make it easier to catch.

Parts of a lock

Before you begin making futile attempts to open a locked door, You should knows the parts of the lock that will be at stake when you open it.


The eye is the hole through which the key is inserted, is located in the center of the button and is very easy to recognize. It has a thinner part and a thicker part. One corresponds to the key teeth, and the thickest part to the smooth part of the key.


On the other hand there is needles or pistons, which are responsible for keeping the lock closed and the button can rotate when you insert the key into it.

The needles are inside and are calibrated to be completely different so that they match the shape of the key. Reason all locks have a different key.

These needles align when the key is inserted and allow the lock to rotate. The latter is what we will do with one of the needles.

learn to choose locks

Opening the door

  • Takes L-shaped pine and insert it into the keyhole, with this you should apply a little downward pressureor. Then turn the lock slightly toward where it normally opens.
  • If you do not know in which direction the lock opens when you turn the key, try moving it in both directions. In one direction you should not resist and in this sense you should turn the lock, but only slightly.
  • Now, with the other pin, you should start applying some sort of study of the internal needles of the lock.
  • To do this, you will use the bent tip, which you should point up, because the needles come from top to bottom.
  • Keeping the pressure on the lever, you now need to start inserting the long pin and pushing each of the needles.
  • To know when you finish the correct position of the needle, you will be able to hear a kind of clip inside the lock you will feel that the lock offers less resistance.
  • Once you have managed to move a needle, there are three or four more to put in place and align them completely.
  • When you complete each of the needles, the lock will be ready to turn completely and the door should open slightly.

pressure pliers

Recommendations before opening the door lock with a pin

  • If you have not been able to open the door with this method, you may need a little practice.
  • You need to pay close attention to detail and be patient to open each of the locking pins.
  • If you really need to enter your house, apartment or room you can call the manager or owner, because they always have a key for emergencies.
  • Is it your own house and are you the only one with a key? You can call a locksmith so you can open your door quickly and safelyThis way, you will make sure that you can enter the house and pick up the keys if you left them inside.
  • Almost all houses have their own tricks, the baby knows your house well and if you throw away the key and you can’t open the door with a latch, you know what to do: how to enter through a window, the back door or some small hatch.

Always be very clear that this technique or trick of opening a door with a hairpin should only be used in an emergency. It is a perfect option if you have been locked in a room or if you have thrown away the keys from it.

If you just want to learn the technique and want to practice a little, you can try one old lock that is in use. Because using a pin to open a door puts you at serious risk of damaging the lock and making it useless.