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How to open a locked door

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So you want to go in, but the door doesn’t open? Here you will learn how to open a locked door.

Why are the doors locked?

At some point, the doors, regardless of the type of security mechanism they use, are locked. And it’s hard for us to try to get out or, worse and more often, to try to get in.

There are many reasons why a door locks.

how to open a locked door

These are almost always blocking issues that can be:

  • Oxidation
  • Lack of lubrication of the mechanism
  • A built-in key (and sometimes broken in the keyhole)
  • Or directly a mechanical problem with the lock.

Whatever the reason for locking the door, here are some tips to help you unlock the door, get out of the mess and into your house. Remember that we have another article that explains how to open a door with a latch, which can also be used to unlock a door.

How to open a locked door when the key does not turn

Classic, put the key in the keyhole and when you try to turn the key, it does not move, you know you need opens a locked lock. Try again, this time applying double force, and the result is the same:

The door is locked and the key does not move

The first thing will be to give up our attempts to turn the key for good.

If we keep trying to turn the locked key, we could break it and leave a part inside the lock, and that’s worse.

  • So the first thing is to remove the key.
  • Make sure it’s the right key, we don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but it happened to us all.
  • Check that the key notches are intact.
  • When it comes to a new key, they could have been metallic waste or it may even be a poorly cut notch.

locked door lock closed

If this is not your case because it is your key to daily use, then the problem could be in Lock.

The key does not move in a combined mechanism lock

If the door is locked, the key will not turn and is a combined mechanism lock those in which the key and the button are rotated at the same time.

  • Try to rotate both at the same time.
  • Now try to enter turns: first the button, then the key and vice versa.
  • If you notice that the key goes back a little longer since you started applying this trick, it’s about rusty mechanism.
  • Take out the key and get it graphite blocking lubricant and apply it.
  • Try turning the knob and key once more, this time the key should turn.

How to open a locked door by forcing the latch

Opening a locked door is a task that can be simple or very complicated depending on the type of lock.

If the door works with the latch in sight, several methods may be applied.

How do you know if the locked door has an accessible latch?

latch Also known as a hook, tip or slide, it is a piece of metal that moves every time we turn the knob and key.

Some doors between the sheet metal and the frame have a space where the latch can be seen.

If this is your case, you can do the following:

Opening a door locked with a knife

Forcing the latch with a knife is easy if you know where the latch is and is accessible.

The idea is to prick with the tip of the knife so that the latch gives way.

  • Be sure to identify the location of the latch
  • Insert the tip of the knife just under the latch or slider
  • You should push to slide to the lock so that the door is arranged and opened.

You can also try one screwdriver flat tip or spade.

open the locked door latch

Other reasons why a door can be locked

Sometimes the door locks not because of locking problems, but because of:

  • Damage to door sheets or leaves
  • Framework issues.

If the key and knob turn and you hear the latch going in and out normally, but the door does not open. Or if the key turns, but it feels heavy. It is most likely the frame or door misaligned, displaced or deformed.

This type of problem is very common with veneer or composite wood doors. These, due to the type of material, are usually deformed by the elements: rain, sun and hot and cold temperatures.

How do I open a locked door due to alignment issues?

When the door or frame is deformed or has other damage, the best way to open the door without damaging it is to remove it. But, How to remove a locked door?

You have to:

  • A flat-blade or flat-blade screwdriver, utility knife or razor blade will also do the trick.
  • Hinge access.

All the doors are hinged only from the insideso if you’re out you will need to remove the lock.

But if you’re inside, start working:

  • The locks on most doors consist of two flat, metallic leaves, which are joined together by a pin or screw.
  • To remove the door, all we have to do is remove the pins that join the hinge leaves.
  • You should start with the top hinge.
  • Locate the head of the nail, it is similar to that of the nail.
  • With the tip of the screwdriver, lift and lift the head of the plug by pressing up. You will begin to see the body of the screw.
  • Once the screw has grown a few millimeters, you can start removing it with your hands. A clip would help as well.
  • Repeat for the rest of the hinges.
  • The idea is that the last joint to be removed is the one below.
  • When removing the last screw, make sure that the door does not fall on you. You can counterbalance it with your shoulder, with your back or you can ask for help.
  • Now you can remove the locked door.