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How to open a locked door

como abrir una puerta que esta cerrada con llave

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A locked door is always the best way to keep your house, room, apartment or office safe. However, this becomes a big problem when, due to the circumstances of life, you forget the key inside or lose it on the way.

Therefore, in this article we will teach you how to open a locked door in 4 totally different ways. We hope that some of these will help you open the door and resolve the situation.

Disclaimer when opening a door that is locked

Before we start with this article, we want to point out that We are not responsible for the misuse of techniques for opening a door that is lockedbecause we do this only with the intention of providing an option to open a door that is locked in case of loss.

If you do not intend to do something good with this knowledge, we advise you to do so by doing so on private property, you will be committing an offense which you have to pay.

Now, let’s start with the article.

how to open a locked door

4 ways to open a locked door

These techniques on how to open a door that is locked or locked they may or may not be functional Depending on the effort you put into applying them correctly, as well as the type of lock and door you walk in or try to open.

Opening the door with a credit card (if the lock allows it)

If you hurry into your house, you lose the key and the door is locked with … yes, with the key. One of the best ways you can try to open a door is with a credit card (or any plastic object that resembles it).

To do this you need to keep in mind that the recommended lock to open with this technique is the pear lock or the round button, which they usually have room or bathroom doors, being these locks of a simple security mechanism.

drill lock without key

Let’s open the door

  • Insert the card between the space on door frame and door, more or less taken out of the lock.
  • Start to gently slide the card, applying pressure to it until it touches the lock.
  • When you run into a padlock you should apply more pressure, so that the slip (the movable metal part that is responsible for keeping the door closed) returns to the front of the card.
  • With the card Remove the button, in this way the button will be able to return and with a press you will be able to open the door.

Disassemble the lock from the outside

This training technique open a locked door, is also based on the previous type of round button.

To accomplish this process you must have a fine knife, razor or screwdriver at hand.

Let’s disarm the lock

  • This type of button is characterized by the fact that it has a round metal plate that covers the cylinder and connects with the wood of the door.
  • you remove it or detach it from the door, turning it to the left.
  • Then you will be able to see a small part of the inside of the lock.
  • The knife, razor or screwdriver, you need to insert it inside, where you can see a small horizontal metal part (insurance) which you will have to press to deactivate it and release the lock.
  • Now put the sheet back on, turning it over this time on the opposite side and open the door calmly because it will be open to you.

Use clamps if the door is locked

clip technique or home lock options It is a widely used technique of how to open a door that is locked and works with almost any lock, although with the old and padlocks is brought to perfection.

For this you will need two clips, to one you have to give it an L shape., and you have to give the other one elongated shape with the tip of a bent end.

To open a lock with this technique you will need a little practiceSo, if you have an old lock to practice, it will be perfect for you to get acquainted with the tools.

  • Insert the clip with Form L at the bottom of the lock, make sure it is the shortest part of the clip.
  • With the long clip you have to insert it to the end, giving it upward movement with the tip, at push needles or needles of the lock.
  • When you feel that they are up, be careful try rotating the L-shaped clamp..
  • After that, the door should open smoothly.

Remember that this technique is very similar to the one used by professional locksmiths, using real selections, however with the help of clips you can do it, it only requires patience and a lot of practice.

the key does not lock

Hit key

The keys that hit are kind of key that allows you to open any type of lock to get in the way.

One of knocking key It is the perfect solution to the question of how to open a door that is locked because it works as a key.

This is because they have teeth in an aligned manner so that they can unlock the locking pins.

To open a locked door, you will need a knocking key which has the same size as the original key, ie it can enter through a keyhole and a rubber hammer.

  • Then it is inserted by applying a little pressure with the blow key inside the lock and with the help of the hammer, the key receives a few sharp blows.
  • In this way, those locks will be aligned inside, allowing the key to turn and then open the door slightly.

knocking key You can build it with an empty key and a file to shape the key teeth. You can also get a few sets or sets of keystrokes in online stores. The best thing is that they are much cheaper than a locksmith and open a lot of doors.