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How to open a locked door

como abrir una puerta atascada

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The doors not only close, but also lock, quietly in this entrance we learn how to open a locked door.

The first thing to do before opening the locked door is to find out the cause of the blockage. Here we will teach you how to open a door quickly and easily.

So ask yourself:

Why is a door locked?

Knowing the reason for the blockage will help us apply the best way to unlock and open our door. And there are reasons for a door to lock in piles.

Here are the most common:

  1. Rust on the locking mechanism and screw
  2. Rust on the hinges
  3. Wear on the screw
  4. Crooked frame or deviated
  5. The door deviated, misaligned from the frame or deformed by moisture or accidents
  6. Unregulated hinges
  7. Object that causes obstruction inside

how to open a locked door

Once you know the cause of the blockage, it is easy to continue. Here we tell you what you should do in each situation to open the locked door or how to open the door of your house.

How to open a rusty locked door on the mechanism of locks and screws

This is one of the most common.

Let me know if you the lock was attacked by rust you have to enter the key, turn it and turn the knob. In any case, the locksmiths in Madrid know this type of locks very well, because there are houses in their area where they were maintained.

You will feel that the key turns with difficulty and that the button sticks and also makes a squeak every time you try to open it. Sometimes rust is visible on the lock and is impregnated in the key

How do you unlock and open a door with a rusty lock?

Apply lubricant to the lock.

Keep in mind that mechanical oil and grease (which are the most common lubricants) do not work for locks. They have the opposite effect, because they collect dirt and impurities. So you should use graphite powder or spray.

Opening a rusty door on the hinges

If the bolt mechanism rotates and the latch unlocks, but when you push the door does not move, you may be worried rust on the hinges.

The sad part of the rusty hinge is that if you’re outside, you won’t be able to do much. Although you can try other methods that involve force.

For unlock the door with rusty hinges We need to apply a lubricant on the pins: The best are those with silicone or graphite spray, which is the choice of locksmiths.

how to open a padlock

If you have an emergency, you can use any lubricating oil or edible oil, such as olives or coconut.

When applying the oil, you need to give the parts mobility: try to open and close the door many times.

If the problem persists and you are sure there is rust on the hinges, you will need to disassemble them.

How to open a door blocked by wear or locking problems

If the lock does not work, the screw may be spent or any part of the mechanism has fallen out of place.

To solve it, you can:

Choose a non-intrusive lock

Here you can try to use credit card door opening technique. Or with the knife. The idea is move the latch long enough for us to open the locked door and go inside.

Yes the lock is damaged It doesn’t matter if you have the key or not. Curiously, he sometimes improvises a key like that knocking key or using some clips it can work even better than the original door key.


Why are you emergency keys they reach areas of the lock where a normal key does not reach.

Force lock directly (intrusion and in some cases even destructive)

If the lock is damaged and we need to enter, we need to remove the lock. Earlier I explained how to do it. There is no secret: use a screwdriver and remove everything.

In extreme cases: a sieve and a hammer will work as well

Opening a door blocked by a crooked or deviated frame

You may find it curious, but a certain percentage of the locksmith’s problems have nothing to do with the lock or the door.

Sometimes the framework is the element of discord:

In this case, you will have to try to open it in a conventional way: with the key and the button, of course, applying a little more force. If the blockage persists, you will need to do so remove the hinges and the door to be able to enter.

Once the door is open, it fits you call a professional locksmith to assess the situation and advise you.

How to open a locked door that is misaligned or deformed by moisture or accidents

The best way to know if the locked door is misaligned or deformed by moisture or accidents, is to notice its behavior when you try to open.

If the door is crooked or bulging it will most likely rub on the floor or top of the frame. This is the cause of the blockage and is very typical in wooden doors for the exterior because they are exposed to bad weather.

It also occurs on interior doors in places with high humidity: bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, basements and roofs.

A simple but risky solution is to push conscientiously, adjusting the force and pressure points until it opens. With this method you risk breaking the door.

Although, if you are outside, there are not many options to enter. Except for the test spitting the padlock.

If you are inside, it is best to disassemble the door: you will only need a few screwdrivers and a little patience.

Learn how to open a locked door without adjusting hinges

The mechanism behind the operation of the hinges is simple:

Attached to the door and frame by screws are a pair of hinges, connected together by a screw which is in turn fixed by a dowel.

What happens is that constant use can cause some of the hinge elements to slip out of place:

The bolts holding the door and frame hinge blades are loosened. Or the screw loosens.

how to open a keyless padlock

All this makes it difficult for the door to move: brushing the floor or frame. And sometimes it is even completely supported by the ground. That causes the blockage.

What is recommended in these cases is to open trying to do as little damage to the door. What can happen is that even by removing the lock, you will not be able to open the door. So the best solution is disassemble the locks and replace them.

What to do when the door does not open due to an object causing obstruction inside

Locksmiths, firefighters and rescue teams often deal with the following cases:

A display case or cabinet that falls and obstructs the natural movement of the door.

And if the door (and what’s behind it) matters to you, there’s not much to do: find an alternate entrance and remove the blocking object.

When it comes to furniture or heavy objects that lock the door, all you can do if you are outside is pushing. Although we don’t think you want your door to break obstructive object.

The police were going to break down the door. Firefighters and a professional locksmith would find another way. And that’s what we recommend you do. Remember what grandparents said: When a door is blocked by fallen furniture, there is always an open window.

Okay, grandparents didn’t say anything about that, but we think you’ll get the concept.