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How to open a lock?

How to open a lock?

How to open a lock?

He asks me how to open a lock and I just smile. I do not know the subject of the question; I don’t know if it’s a trick question or what the intentions of the questioner really are. My first thought is: use the key.

The locks at home are like any other: some are safer, while others are less so; such as with car locks, safes, cabinets, motorcycles or safes.

The end, all locks are vulnerable. It is possible that, with the right tools and relevant knowledge (sometimes minimal, in fact), a person can open the lock of his house, even without a key.

When you think about opening a lock The first thing to consider is the type of lock; must also predict two situations which could be part of the scenario:

  1. The lock is not secure, has no key; it was closed only with the latch or latch.

  2. The lock has a key; that is, in addition to sliding, it has been fixed with the screw or bit, which makes its opening a little more difficult.

You have to think about that, too we can choose two opening mechanisms:

  1. Use locking tools, which involves choose locks using drops or non-destructive tools and methods in insecure locks and in our case, Europrofile.

  2. We can too access tools that set aside the integrity and preservation of the lock; sometimes right from the door. Damage caused requires the replacement and installation of new locks.

  1. How to open a keyless lock?

If our door was closed and we don’t have the original keys, we can open it without damaging the lock. There are tools and techniques, even household tricks, that make it easier for us to choose the lock.

can use the lock mentioned above and use techniques such as picking (which also involves raking and lifting) and in the collision, which are the most common in the locksmith industry.

For harvesting we use simple spikes, whose design corresponds to existing lock brands and models; to apply the striking technique, we use somewhat more complex equipment.

It should be noted that, although tools used in collision they are more complex that the locks, its handling is easier and the results are more efficient in a much shorter period of time

  1. How to open a house lock with pick-up technique?

To open a lock with the picking technique you will need a pick and this tool plugin: tensor. The effectiveness of this set depends on the ability of the one who chooses.

Ganzuar is not something you learn in a quick or correspondence course; Doing it and doing it well requires a lot of practice and knowledge of the weaknesses in locks that only those who have worked with them know.

It is the basis of the Picking block: exploit mechanical vulnerabilities which presents the different types and brands of locks. Dedication, hard work, effort and extensive knowledge are the foundation of every good choice.

The steps to choosing a lock couldn’t be simpler:

  • With the index finger and thumb of a hand we take the handle of the pick, over the point where the handle and the paddle meet, to apply the technique called lifting or bolt-bolt lifting.

  • This grip will allow flexes both fingers at apply the input and output movements on the leg when we want to move it into the keyhole to locate the screws.

  • We place the palette on the middle finger for better control of the instrument; meanwhile, the tip of this finger rests on the visible side of the cylinder or rotor.

  • With the opposite hand we take the tensioner and insert one of its tips into the keyhole, on the opposite side of the screw location.

  • With the index finger of that hand press the upper end of the tensioner slightly, in the same direction that we apply the original key when we open the lock.

  • With the tip of the picker we lift or place each screw on the cutting line of the cylinder. When this happens, we can hear a small click and we can feel a slight vibration in our fingers.

  • Pressure on the tensioner prevents the screws from retracting once they have been placed.

  • When all screws have been «lifted» or placed on the rotor cutting line, rotate, the lock yields and can be opened without difficulty.

As for the rake, it must be said that this technique it is effective in simple locks with little security. When passing the pin through the pins, it may happen that two or three are placed on the rotor cutting line at the same time.

  1. Bumping: fast, quiet, clean and efficient.

The pump manages to place all the screws simultaneously on the cutting line. A special key is inserted into the lock and hit firmly with a hammer or screwdriver to open the lock.

There are guns that do the job automatically, opening the locks in just a few seconds.

  1. Destruction tools for choosing secure locks.

You don’t always have much time to open a locked lock. In emergency situations, it is best to call quickly and safely.

In these cases, tools such as drills, crack tubes, extractor hoods for bowls, chestnut breakers or nut breakers, inter alia, are ideal in a job for which there are only a few minutes.

It’s the utensils which does not require too much knowledge about the locksmith no experience in trade. I am especially perfect for fire brigades, rescue and rescue groups or security forces.

In response to the question of how to open a lock, there are many horses. Just look for the information in the right place and the web offers several windows to explore all possibilities.