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How to open a lock with the key inside?

How to open a lock with the key inside?

How to open a lock with the key inside?

No one escapes suffering from such a situation: the keys glued to the other side of the lock when the door closes because of an unexpected gust of wind or because we pull it off without remembering I’m there.

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At this stage you have to contemplate several situations:

  1. Yes we have a friction cylinder and we have an extra key, there is nothing to worry about, because we can open the lock without difficulty.

  2. The lock is a friction cylinder; but we don’t have backup keys.

  3. The lock is normal and has been closed without a screw; we have a few duplicate keys and we’re trying to open them, but the cylinder does not yield, remains without returning.

  4. lock has no previous insurance; but we don’t have a backup key. We can remove the internal key or we can act on the latch with professional tools designed for this purpose.

See how we can solve each of the situations exposed, causing as little damage as possible.

  1. Opening the friction cylinder lock with a key inside.

    1. Rubbed cylinders (by double clutch, with emergency function or from Double entrance), have the virtue of being able to be opened from inside or outside the enclosure and it can be installed in one way or another.

    2. If we leave the key in the room and have a friction cylinder installed, inserting and turning an outside key will turn the key on the opposite side, being able to open the door.

  2. What to do when the door is a locking of the friction cylinder, but we have no duplicates of the keys.

    1. If we don’t have duplicate keys, we may have to resort to methods which will be set out in the following paragraphs, when the environment is a normal blockage.

    2. The idea is move the latch with some of the tools we can find on the locksmith market. There are many ways to open doors in these conditions without causing damage to the lock.

  3. Open a normal, securely closed lock or screw.

To suppose we have two duplicates of the key. However, when we intend to open, the cylinder does not rotate because there is a key on the other side of the door. For this situation there are different solutions:

  1. Lower the tip of a duplicate key.

  • With a straight grinder or a Milwaukee milling machine, we can lower the tip of the duplicate which we own; we put it in the keyhole and we turn in the opening direction of the lock.

  • We know that sliding is the only lock that opens the door. If you don’t give in, we tried to leave the keyhole in the «open» position and we take out the reduced key.

  • The next step, we put a copy of the key that it is complete and we push the one inside; when it is moved back a little, it will be possible to open the lock.

  1. More drastic solutions involves the use of tools such as drills, milling machines, drills, hoods, among others; but it’s just the extreme where we don’t want to go.

  1. Remove the key from the inside or use other tricks.

When lock it is a normal and unique thing it was slid shut, it’s easy solve the situation, even if we don’t have duplicates the key. Yes indeed, the key inside must be straight, not turned or crossed.

  1. can move the key inside with a steel wire.

  • It is a very thin thread, for springs, 1.25 x 200 mm., which can be manipulated with an aluminum mounting bracket specially designed for this task.

  • We place a thread in parentheses and we insert it through the keyhole for press the key put inside; we make it fall And later we retrieve it from under the door.

  1. It doesn’t matter that the key inside is crossed or turned and locked securely, can I prefer to apply techniques in which we will use other equipment:

The procedure consists of place the spiral opener between the blade of the door and frame,at the height of the latch;rotating tool until you can unlock it.

The sliders act directly on the skid, removing it from close range and unlocking the lock completely.

Door spatulas are designed with a technology similar to that of latch slides and can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit different environments.

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Designed for open the locks on the stop doors simple and double, are particularly useful in the latter, which prove to be the most problematic for locksmith and emergency services.

Book opening leaflets are used with a handle that can be purchased separately, in black or white. It is advisable to use the cards foldable opening with door lever.

Anything of these tools acts directly on the latch, even with a key inside, managing to get him out of the hallway or strike and thus prevent him from locking the lock.

A similar function, with the same results, door latch lever and latch opening books when we want open a lock with a key inside, but without insurance.