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How to open a lock with an invisible one?

How to open a lock with an invisible one?

How to open a lock with an invisible one?

There are several ways to choose a lock and our ingenuity will always find a suitable one. Maybe it’s not the best way; but I know how to open a lock with an invisible it can get us out of a fortuitous situation.

We are not exempt from it happening to us, so you need to be prepared to face it in a positive way: maybe I forgot the keys or it happens that we lose them and we can’t enter the house.

An invisible one or bar to hold the hair It is an object very easily accessible, which makes it ideal for turning it into a kind of lock with which any cylindrical lock is opened.

How to turn a pair of invisibles into a pair of blockages.

For open a cylindrical lock with the picking technique we will need a few options:

  1. The one we’ll call a «hook», we use it to feel and identify the height and location of the screws.

  2. We use the other wing as a tensioner, to exert a certain force on the cylinder.

If we are not locksmiths (even fewer people with bad habits), it is not uncommon to wear one or more locking options; So when a door closes and we don’t have the keys to open it, life becomes a mess.

But this mess has a solution: two invisible will serve in the elaboration the tools we need to open our lock; something that it doesn’t have to be easy, but even this is not impossible to do.

Development of «hook» and tensioner with invisible or hair pins.

Are invisible with a length of 5.5 mm and approx 1.2 mm wide; while There are othersbigger that I can measure length up to 7.2 mm and 2 mm wide.

Dimensionskeyhole of a cylindrical lock with 5 screws will admit the smaller amplitude hairpin, the 5.5 mm long one, which will be the one with which we will make our choice of house.

  1. Make the «hook» with an invisible.

  • We will need, in addition to the invisible, a small pliers or a clamp to shape our choice.

  • We detach the plastic that covers the top of the smooth part of the invisible. For higher comfort, we open it a little and about 3 cm, we double this part angle between 45 and 90 °.

  • If the width of the keyhole allows the invisible to be inserted horizontally, at the end of the smooth part we make with tweezers a small curvature of about 5 mm.

  • With that already our «hook» option is ready for use when opening a lock.

  1. Another invisible to make the tensioner.

  • We try with tweezers or pliers completely closes the fold of the invisibleso that it can enter the keyhole.

  • At a 90 ° angle, we bend an inch from either side of this invisible or hair bar.

  • You don’t have to do anything else; the house tensioner is ready to be used.

How to open a lock with an invisible.

Cinema and the small screen on many occasions they presented the choice as something very easy, quick to do; Let’s not forget that in that fictional world anything is possible. The reality is very different from those scenes.

No one suggests that something is impossible; However, choose a lock with a pair of invisibles it’s something worthwhile knowledge of its operation and a practice long invested in it.

Like everything in this life, it will be easy after we learn it. In the face of a circumstantial need, we could be lucky for the beginner and manages to open a padlock in a few minutes without having done any previous practice.

Steps for performing the technique of this choice, which due to the tools used must be by the «bolt to bolt» method, are quite simple:

  1. I started opening the lock inserting in the part of the keyhole opposite the screws the shortest segment of the home tensioner.

  • We press a little over the cylinder rotating, same as when opening the key lock.

  • The point is that force appliedbe This one enough for leave that the screws are in place above the cylinder cutting line andthen powerkeep them in this position, without being returned.

  1. Then we started using the «hook» worked with the invisible.

  • Out of the total 5 pins of the lock, only one once time will press on the cylinder; be the fact thatwe will feel harder tapping with the tip of the «hook».

  • We put this screw and we continue palpating searchingof the screw that took the place of the one I put; that is, the one that now presses on the cylinder.

  • Once I put this second screw, we follow the same process until we can place the rest.

  • We must be vigilantbecause every time we manage to put a screw, a small click will be heard and simultaneously we will feel a small vibration on the toes that hold the feet.

  • Along with click and vibration, there will also be a slight movement of the cylinder to the side where we apply pressure, which must be constant.

  • When all the screws have been set, the cylinder will rotate and the lock can beopen without difficulty.

If you can’t open the lock, we need to check some aspects which prevents you from returning:

  1. Dirty or rusty accumulated inside.

  2. Damage or deformation of its components.

  3. Wrong application from us of the harvesting technique.

It’s not easy at all open a lock with an invisible; but nor is it impossible get this. We must not forget this Practice makes a master.