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How to open a lock with a broken key inside?

How to open a lock with a broken key inside?

How to open a lock with a broken key inside?

There are various situations in which the keys break and the parts are retained inside the rotor, making it impossible for us to access the enclosed space through the door where the problem arose.

The keys with the highest tendency to break are usually the flat ones, those with locks with a European profile. Unfortunately, it usually happens when we use them as well it is not always easy to remove the broken part inside the hat.

In this situation, we can try to do it ourselves, without proper knowledge of a lock and the experience required to make it. Or we can call a locksmith, which provides a solution to our awkward moment.

If we make the decision to do the work ourselves, we risk being wrong and, consequently, being forced to call a trade professional and replace the keys and locks, making the attempt more expensive.

It’s something we’ve all probably experienced at some point: the key breaks inside the lock and remains locked in the cylinder or cylinder to be removed to open the door.

We can choose a quick and effective alternative: use the drill. However, it would mean destroying the lock and we see ourselves in the need to change it. Therefore, this would be a last minute option.

They are not missing in the network Tips and tricks some not as effective and some less effective, in addition to the discomfort of trying to do the extraction with artisanal tools or devices resulting in total disappointment.

The ideal would be to go tolocksmith technical expert. We are sure that this would use tools really professional such as key fragment extractors offered by the market.

Remember that, Depending on the make and model of the lock, one or another extractor may be required. Only a skilled locksmith knows the right tool to do the job quickly and cleanly.

  1. Using the Wedgeco pliers set, wrench extractors.

We are all aware that foreign objects or fragments of broken keys prevent open a lock, as the key does not have the option to insert and mount each of the needles to unlock them.

Wedgeco pliers set, in addition to the plastic storage box, it has three tools of effectiveness Highly tested and ideal for cleaning the locking cylinder of any obstacle:

  • one fine clamp grip, scissors type.

  • one steel extraction startedspiral, length.

  • one special pliers.

Many others complicated operations, which are never missing in the daily work of the locksmith, can be solved with the components of this set of pliers.

  1. Remove a broken key fragment with the spiral steel extractor.

To open a lock with a broken key inside, we can use each of Tools for the Wedgeco pliers set and does a job that will not damage the lock nor to any of the door components.

One of the most important tools, in this case, it is himspiral extraction from steel, which can be used with stainless steel handle, which serves both as a support for the knife and to save space.

Stainless steel handle is not part of the Wedgeco pliers set; but can be purchased individually or in a 5-piece kit which includes:

  • Stainless steel handle with blade compartment.

  • 3 spiral shafts or steel extracts.

  • one saw tooth extractor, little bit

Procedure to remove the remains of broken keys of locks with spiral extraction from steel is the simplest:

  • Attach the puller to the steel handle stainless.

  • He takes the steel handle and with rotary movements, the extractor is inserted under the key, to the side where the pines are.

  • The handle provides a firm grip and excellent tool handling.

  • After inserting the extractor shaft, gently remove the key fragment.

  • Pliers or tweezers can be usedWedgeco to hold the key piece more solid once it appears in the inlet channel or in the keyhole of the cylinder.

  • Removing the broken key fragment from the cylinder should not be a problem; However, in many circumstances, positive results are not obtained in 100 percent of cases.

  1. Extract broken key fragments withELITE extract.

combination of Wedgeco pliers with ELITE extracts may result the perfect combination when what we want is to remove pieces of keys that have been retained inside the cylinder or rotor of a lock.

We can buy a set of ELITE extracts in four pieces, which are presented embedded in a natural leather case, which has a quick closure.

They are considered these four extractor units as the most modern tools With which it is possible to quickly and easily remove any object that obstructs the passage of the key through the keyhole of the locking cylinder.

Very narrow channels are not an obstacle to operation ELITE extract, whose dimensions are barely there 52 x 145 x 14 mm, with the appropriate thickness and the perfect length for handling.

To complete this set, we can buy a simple HPC sawtooth extraction separately which we can attach to the stainless steel handle of the same brand.

The use given to each extractor depends on the type, make and model of the lock; although in practice its use is similar:

  • When he has already done so assembled the appropriate extraction device to the HPC steel handle, we continue to insert it into the keyhole.

  • We’re trying to lower the first pine so that the tip of the extractor penetrates more easily.

  • When I reached the bottom, I took the extractor out, making sure he grabs the rest of the key in the drum and carries it with him.

  • In operation, we can help each other with Wedgeco pliers for a better grip.