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How to open a lock?

How to open a lock?

How to open a lock

Security is synonymous with peace, tranquility. For a long time, the human being has given devices such as padlocks, screws and locks, the role of protecting their physical integrity, property and goods.

Many centuries have passed since then the first known lock, about 4,000 years ago, in China; or since the Egyptians, about 2,000 years ago, implemented wooden locks to protect their properties.

Modern locks owe something to Asian and pharaonic locks; somehow, its precursors. Between 1848 and 1861, Yales, the father and son, introduced themselves and modified a lock model which worked with drum and pins.

We can’t all open a drum lock

Has it ever happened to us all: I forgot or lost my keys of the house. Faced with this accident and the best spirits, we are ready to face the situation and let’s try to open the door ourselves.

After many strugglesagitated and frustrated, We decided to accept the help of our diligent neighbor who knows everything, which is able to do anything: even opening a lock with just a piece of plastic.

After shaping it, which he thinks is most appropriate, he kneels at our door and begins his work. Minutes pass, the neighbor sweats profusely and the door is not yet open.

After trying for a long time, neighbor do what question which no one had done before: – Is the lock on the lock?. With that, we were all amazed. It had never occurred to anyone to think about it.

YES!, is the emphatic answer, before which the neighbor decides to change strategy.

Nobody knows where, Take out a few clips, stretch them, bend them, bend them and, still animated He tells us, “That’s it! With that, it will open in a tris «. He kneels again and resumes his attempt to choose the lock with a pair of homemade selections.

Vain was the test. No matter how much he insisted, our good The Samaritan could do nothing. He gave in to the evidence and he confessed: “I thought it was easier Do it; in movies it doesn’t last five secondsWe just had to smile.

There was no other alternative more than go to someone who is undoubtedly fully trained to open any lock. We dial your phone number and In a few minutes the locksmith was at our door.

How to open a lock

Drum locksis characterized by containing a piece of metal mobile, cylindrical in shape, in which we find up to 2 rows of screws or pins and a key slot; this is the bowl or cylinder.

If we have the right key at hand and we put it through the keyhole of the cylinder, your teeth will press on the pins, which in turn will push the screws until they are at the same level as the cutting line.

Once the pins have been aligned with the shear line, the cylinder will be able to rotate freely; That’s when we can open the door, with a simple push.

If we introduce in the padlock the wrong key, It is it will not activate the mechanism needed to open the door. If I lost the right key, the locksmith has tools that can get us out of trouble.

The professional locksmith can use a platform that allows the lock to be kept intact, without damaging the device or damage to other areas of the door: a percussion or shotgun.

Opening a drum lock with a percussion pistol

Percussion technique, or hitting, sIt has been applied for a long time for the «silent» opening of the security locks. It is based on the fact that one object is moved by the pushing force of another.

A special key is used which is manually inserted into the keyhole and the generated process involves a simple series of steps:

  • We can touch the key with a hammer, the head of a large screwdriver or any other more or less heavy tool. No extreme force is required when hitting.

  • The blow given to the key is reflected in the screws or pins, which also moves in their movement make the springs compress or springs which, in turn, put pressure on the screws.

  • Thus, the screws are pushed by the screws and worn adopt a position that allows the cylinder to rotate or rotate of the lock.

The same process is much simplified with the use of the percussion gun for safety diseases, of which the market offers different brands and models; although for all, the principle of operation is the same.

Opening a drum lock with a percussion pistol it’s almost a children’s thing:

  • The impact wrench is installed in the pistol head suitable for lock.

  • The key is entered percussion or shock in the keyhole.

  • The trigger of the pistol is pulled and veiled! We push open the door and enter our house.

Drum, bulb or cylinder?

There is some confusion in the language used to refer to cylindrical locks. There are those who talk about drums Lock I incorrectly call it «cylinder» or «bowler».

In a cylindrical lock, regardless of its shape, the drum is the external metal structure that containinside and protects the elements that allow the safety device to be locked, including cylinder or cylinder.

The drum can take different shapes; these include:

  1. drum pear, typical of European locks. Due to its characteristic shape, it is also called a light bulb. It is among the most used and with the highest sales volume.

  2. drum oval, recognized by its oval shape.

  3. drum round, which secondly in use and in sales to the pear drum. It is mainly used in rim locks.

Whatever the shape of the drum, open the lock with a percussion pistol It’s pretty simple.