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How to open a keyless storage door

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Opening a door is always one of the best satisfactions we can have, whether we get home, open the bathroom door or how to open a keyless storage door.

Sometimes opening the door can be complicated, especially when you are staying without keyTherefore, in this tutorial we will show you different ways to open the closed door from the inside. Remember that if you have to open a door with a broken handle, you have this other article in which we explain it to you.

open the storage door without a key

Doors have a great meaning in human life, they are usually related to goals and triumphs.

But what happens when we lose the key to that door?

Everything behind him is trapped, and you are left out of everything that awaits you behind him, such as the bed in your room or the objects in the storage room.

What is a deposit?

Commonly called storage room, but also known as back room or just storage.

It is the place where household items are stored, things that are no longer of great use or that we do not use very often, but which have a monetary or sentimental value.

how to open a keyless storage doorHow to open a keyless storage door

Every good storage room has a good door and a recommended lock lock with the key to prevent anyone from accessing this place.

In addition, to be able to protect things from the weather, rain and of course, from the friends of others.

But, what happens when we lose the key, we throw it away or leave it in the storage room, yes, we have to apply techniques or tricks to open it, if you don’t want to call a locksmith.

How to open a storage door if you have lost your key

Open the storage room door without a key To find that object that we saved a few months ago, but which, for some reason, we need, becomes a problem when we leave the key inside or worse, thrown away and now we don’t remember where it is.

Therefore, here we will show you how to open the storage room door in different ways and this will certainly be very useful to be able to be open.

change the cylinder lock without a key

2 effective ways to open the door of the storage room without a key

Opening the storage room door is not complicated.

With the right techniques open the warehouse without the key It will be a simple task, because everything we will show you below has been tested, you will only need a few materials and the desire to open that door, so let’s get to it.

Open the storage room door with plastic bottle or x-ray

One of the techniques for gently open a storage door It is with a plastic soda bottle or if you have one on hand, an x-ray will be much better.

This technique involves inserting a plastic sheet between the lock latch and the notch of the door frame, thus releasing pressure and opening the door.

Simple, don’t you think? We will do it step by step.

how to open a keyless lock

Shaping the bottle to open the storage room door

  • The first thing we should do with the bottle is dmodel it so you can use it.
  • To chop it we will use scissors or a cutter, we remove the upper and lower part, leaving a cylinder of about 15 cm flat.
  • Now we draw a vertical line from end to end.
  • With scissors or the cutter, we make the cut and we would already have a thin, smooth and malleable piece that we can use as a sheet of paper.
  • This will not be completely straight and will tend to return to its cylindrical shape, but we will use that curve to our advantage, you will see.
open the door without a key

Opening the storage room door with plastic glass

  • Insert the plastic bottle into the door light about 10 inches from the slide.
  • Light is the millimeter space that exists between the frame and the door.
  • Using the plastic curve we insert it in the opening, pushing firmly applying a little pressure.
  • Then I started lower the plastic from the glass to the slide.
  • When you feel resistance from slip is time to apply more pressure, while moving the plastic slightly back and forth, in turn, pushing the door through the lock, as if we had opened it.
  • This requires a certain amount of patience, applying force to the plastic to take up the sliding space while making small strong pushes on the door.
  • A few minutes would be enough open the storage room door without a key applying this technique well.
keyless lock opening

Open the storage room door with the knock key

Another very effective way to open a keyless wooden door is to use the keystroke technique.

What is a woodworking key?

A The bumping key is a kind of master key, which has similar features to the original lock key, but with the recesses lowered to the maximum.

And by inserting it in the lock, only by touch is possible unlock the pins or adjust and release the door.

key storage room

Want to learn how to do it?


Step by step, open a storage room door with a colliding key

  • First we need a knocking key That goes with your lock, these keys are available in practical packages at online stores What the eBay or in some locksmiths or hardware.
  • When we have knocking key list, we insert in the padlock.
  • If we simply try to twist, the key will not work.
  • For this reason we must use a rubber mallet, a high-heeled shoe or a piece of wood. dry blows on the key and try to turn.
  • If he doesn’t come back completely, we have to hit again.
  • We repeat the procedure a few times, and the door should open slightly.
storage room door lock

Warnings about using these techniques to open a keyless storage door

  • One of the things we need to consider when applying this technique is that we should only do it in an emergency and on our property.
  • If you apply this technique to a friend’s house to help them recover, you must have their full consent.
  • And if, for any reason, you apply these techniques to private property, you may have serious legal issues.
  • You should also keep in mind that by misapplying these techniques you can damage the storage door lock.