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How to open a keyless padlock?

How to open a keyless padlock?

How to open a keyless padlock?

saying ‘ticket office’, we can talk about a window which is attended by the public that comes with various needs; but «box office» also describes a wardrobe or wardrobewhere clothes and personal items are kept.

The figure shows different types of cabinets, including cabinets and drawers. It is the second meaning, «box office», to which we go to to refer to try to find out how to open the lock on one of them.

Usual, these cabinets are used in public places, in which the presence of people is sometimes quite numerous. Therefore, it requires security devices such as locks or padlock.

The cabinets are placed on sitessuch as gyms, bus terminals, airports, spa locker rooms, hospitals, shops, sports centers; in some of these, serve as a safe.

We could consider that the locks of these cabinets are the smaller sisters of the ones we use for the front doors home, office, workshop or any other area that requires a lot of security.

We want to say with the latter that the security offered by cabinet locks does not necessarily have to be more vulnerable; However, In most cases, their power tends to offer disadvantages.

  1. Open a cabinet with professional cabinets.

Faced with a contingency, where you need to open a lock, either in a spa or in a bus terminal, the locksmith we hire will not act by improvising tools or methods.

The real locksmith, the professional, you will know exactly what to do and what tools to use to force the cabinet or cabinet lock. You will use the best equipment, including some locking options.

  1. Using the hook to open a lock.

  • pallet or the neck of choice it rests on the middle finger or heart; it, in turn, is supported on the lock.

  • A fulcrum is sought in the keyhole, in which case the pick rests on the guard to push the pins and manages to place them with tilting movements.

  • If you do not have a fulcrum and what is done is to lower and raise the pick in the keyhole, you lose control of the pressure and it is possible for several screws to move at the same time.

  • The middle finger remains motionless while the thumb and forefinger move the selection in and out of the keyhole, feeling the pins or screws.

  • Must take care of push the pins with the tip of the shaft; avoid doing it with the curvature or the flat part of the blade. In this way, only one screw moves at a time, that’s how it should be done.

  1. Using the clip to open a padlock.

  • tensor, the other tool used to lift the locks, enter the keyhole preferably on the opposite side of the screws.

  • Variable voltage is applied, depending on whether you are trying to locate a screw or place it on the shear line.

  • While trying to set the screws with the hook, the tensioner is forced with the thumb of the opposite hand.

  • Each time a feasible pin is found, the tension on the tensioner is low; once the screw is in place, the pressure on the tensioner increases again.

  • After installing all the screws, the force exerted on the tensioning device will allow the cylinder to rotate and so open the lock.

  1. Locks for apprentices and professionals

Choose a lock It’s not something everyone can do. know requires a lot of practice and of certain locksmith knowledge indispensable to function effectively in this profession.

To those who want to learn, to enter and perform in the world of the locksmith, the market offers kits pretty close to the professional, with different types of choices (brands such as: Lock Cowboy, Yoopik, Tacklife, Loetad).

Complete this game locks a lock with a European profile and a transparent padlock, which facilitate the learning process and allow a rapid advance in the knowledge of the operation of these devices.

The professional of the locksmith you can access the 13-piece Elite Bogotá selection kit, offered by a German brand, whose success is based on the quality of the high technology with which they were made, unmatched in the locksmith market.

  1. An electric tool to open a locker for the closet.

When needed to open a locker for the closet it becomes an emergency, instrument Kronos electric multi-pick, prepared in accordance with European regulations, it presents itself as the ideal tool.

Only one tip should be loaded on the head to Kronos Electric Multi-Pick:

  1. I have lost weight with an Allen key tightening nut (one).

  2. We make a choice (Two) in the groove (3), between the support (4) and the locking element (5).

  3. We push the needle all the way.

  4. With the Allen key, we press the pick such a form which is firm and caught in the groove.

  5. Insert the pick into the keyhole from the ticket and we press the power button located on the top of the multi selector to turn it on.

  6. If we want to stop the tool, only we stop pressing the button.

  7. The choice will hit the screws and these will push the pins to the cylinder shear line.

  8. At that time the lock can be opened.

  9. The vertical oscillation of the pick can be adjusted between 1 and 4 mm with the screw marked number 6 in the picture.

  10. Multi-pick includes a manual for the correct orientation of the user.