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How to open a keyless lock with a double bit?

How to open a keyless lock with a double bit?

How to open a double-bit keyless lock?

We’ve all heard of double paddle lock; but few of us know the mechanism of its operation and how its parts are articulated to accomplish the task it gives us security and we protect our heritage.

Knowing these aspects will make it possible that, if if necessary, let us know how to open a double-key keyless lock, fast and easy, in addition to getting rid of an awkward moment.

Open a lock double paddle or of the throat, there are tools on the market that act in an almost «magical» way, causing these locks, from being considered the safest, they will become the most fragile.

Choose and open a double lock

Open a double lock applying the picking technique with certain tools it’s not easy at all as some say; however, there are utensils that make it look like children’s play.

We can choose ratchet locks with household tools and manages to open them; but it is not easy to achieve and it is only possible if we have extensive knowledge of the structure and operation of each lock.

  1. Make it easy: using the Magic Key.

The magic key is eventually one of the best weaponsavailable to a professional locksmith for quiet work, very fast, really efficient and amazingly neat.

creators of Magic Key they made her think in a very special way in the locks of gorges or Borges, as they are often called; Are unique locks which can be opened with itinstrument for work.

Anyone, even without the knowledge of the locksmiths, before an unforeseencan manipulate the Magic Keyand open easily any double lock in a few minutes, without making a noise that annoys your neighbors.

  1. A complete set of Magic Key is made of the following parts:

  • Mango.

  • A interchangeable tip (Different tips are used, depending on the make and model of the lock we are going to open).

  • A voltage bar which is screwed on the side of the handle.

  • A point or bolt used for leveling needles.

  1. Every piece of advice has at the lower end a set of needles or brushesMobile Phones, which are nothing but small metal sheets that serve as probes.

Very few steps are required to open a bit lock with Magic Key:

  1. I started tool assembly, uniting all its parts; being a double bit lock, it is best to use two units: one for each part of the key.

  2. Once time armed and leveled needles, we insert the tip of the Magic Key in the keyhole and we turn it in the opening direction.

  3. We apply rotational movements the instrument, light but firm, on one side and the other, leaning on the side tension bar.

  4. In certain movements we will find that the magic key is locked, it stops; We must not force it, but turn it to the opposite side.

  5. The time will come when the lock will give and unlock first round.

  6. If we use a single magic key, we must reset the brushes; we insert it back into the lock and restart the second round unlock process with the same moves as before.

  7. By unlocking the next rounds, it will be possible to open our lock.

Although the Magic Key translation is «magic key», the truth is that here there is no magic, but a lot of ingenuity. It is not an act of skill, much less a Houdini trick.

Two-blade locks enclose a series of metal plates, gorja, whose arrangement and combination inside locks the pin lock and prevent it from being opened without the correct key.

The system Magic Key allows brushes or needles, when inserted into the lock, they are positioned under the keys and can push them, as long as they are placed in the same open position that the original key prints.

Gorges have a different and unique mold for each of them; the mobility of the needles at the tip of the magic key allows them to feel and assume the shape of the code distribution and pull the original key.

When that happens, the ones I actually do is «print» the key we use to open our lock, making it possible for the opening to be clean and quiet, so we finally managed to keep it intact.

Other tools of similar operation For the magic key, the essentials for opening double-bit locks are:

  • Smart key.

  • Set 2 in 1 for Borjas.

  • Quick key for Borjas.

  • Prodecoder.

  • SECUREMME automatic opener.

  1. Kitbor Pick (Lockpicking): something more difficult, but just as effective.

This choice is, if you want, something already outdated;although it does not cease to be used, because of him effectiveness in the opening of double-bit locks of different brands and models, the advantage of being silent and Avoid damage to the device.

Its application turns out to be quite simpleif the mechanism and operation of the lock are known. To make an opening, we need to assemble the pick, for which:

  1. We introduce in the eye of the lock a tension bar.

  2. At this bar we put a series of counterweights (You can put up to 3 at the beginning) and adjust them with an Allen key.

  3. We put the spinning together, consisting of a choice to feel the keys, to which is added and adjusted a disc that will allow us to perform the rotational movements (hence the name «spinner»).

  4. With rotating movements to the right and to the left, we try to touch all the keys with the spinner; the object is to place them outside the needle line.

  5. The counterweight will determine their placement when touched and after all have been touched, the lock can be easily opened.