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How to open a keyless iron door

como abrir una puerta de hierro sin llave

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Opening a keyless iron door seems like a difficult task, when you forgot the key inside or lost it..

The material of the door may seem intimidating, but this has nothing to do with it, because what keeps a door standing are the hinges and the lock. That’s why we have to tell you that both can be forced and open with the appropriate knowledge and techniques.

Therefore, in this article we will teach you how to open a metal door without a key applying several methods that are quite effective and that will certainly be of great help to you. This technique is similar to the one we taught in the article in which we talked about how to open a wooden door without a key.

Things to remember to open a metal door without a key

  • As you have already read in the previous paragraph, an iron door with any lock is worthless.
  • So the success of power open a door applying the techniques they will explain, it will depend on the type and quality of the lock.
  • To open a door, you need to practice enough times or have good tools to open it in a good way.

Learn how to open a keyless iron door

there is various techniques about how to open an iron door without a key and here we will show you what they are the most recommended and which you can also execute, we will put them in an order determined by the ease of accessing the methods and their effectiveness.

how to open a keyless iron door

When you don’t have the key, use a credit card to open the door

Credit card is a widely used technique to open any type of door, from security gates to iron gates.

Surely you know someone who opened a door with this technique, yet never wanted to teach you how to do it or did not see the need to learn, until lose the key.

Don’t lose your temper, here we will teach you how to open a keyless iron door in a few simple steps.

Before we begin, let us remember that this technique works only when the key lock is not passed in case of a double lock.

To open the door, you will need a card of any type of plastic card, a membership card, your remaining card. SIM card the phone or a rectangular piece of plastic in a bottle will work as well.

Apply the technique

  • Insert the card into the space between the door and the door frame.
  • It is recommended to insert the card about 20 inches above the lock.
  • Gently lower the card and apply a force so that it does not come out through the small space.
  • As soon as the lock resists passing the card, you should remove the card just slightly and push it hard.
  • That way, you can cover book to slide the lock and then open it.
  • But first you have to push the door while using the card to slide the slide, this way the card will be able to occupy the space that was occupied by the slide.

By applying the technique well and repeating the last step, you will be able to open an iron door without any problem.

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House locking parts used to open a door

One of the most used techniques in humanity is the classic the technique of using drops to open locks on all types of doors.

Because you definitely don’t have any blockages since They can only be obtained from commercial locksmiths.

Let’s make a few options, for this you can use anything from a pair of hair clips or pins to a pair of screwdrivers / screwdrivers (used for electronic equipment).

You need to give one of them an L shape, with the help of a clip, it will serve as a lever. The other should be left elongated, flatten the tip and then bend it about 3 millimeters upwards.

  • For open the iron door with mushrooms, you must place the «L» lever on the bottom or widest part of the lock and press down.
  • Then, with the longest take, insert it as far as the pistons or locks allow and push the first needle up (this can take time and requires concentration and practice) you will be able to turn the lock a little more.
  • Now move on to the next needle or plunger in the lock so that you can rotate the lock completely and open the door.

Remember that this process can be difficult because you need to create good tools and have enough practice to know how to remove needles.

In some locks it can be easier or more difficult depending on its quality, however this technique is one of the most effective when you learn to use it and you do not need more than two small drops to open any door.

how to open an iron door

Impact wrench or universal wrench

Knock keys are an element that accompanies every locksmith. They have a function align all those internals of the lock and thus allow the key to turn and the possibility to open the door.

Each lock needs a key, ie it must have the same characteristics, except for the original key teeth or the type of lock to open.

there is key collisions for all types of locking, from simple wooden door locks to iron or security doors.

This key can be made with an original toothless key and a file or you can purchase a set of blow keys in online stores.

Either option will be much cheaper than a locksmith.

For open a keyless iron door you must perform the following steps:

  • Insert the file the correct key in the locking slot.
  • With a rubber mallet, a hammer or any object to hit, hit a few dry targets on the key.
  • Try to turn the key, if it does not turn completely, you can try to hit and then turn, repeating the procedure until the internal needles align and turn the key completely.

With this technique we finished the article, which we hope helped you understand how to open an iron door without a key, although it will definitely help you open other types of doors.