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How to open a keyless bit lock?

How to open a keyless bit lock?

How to open a keyless bit lock?

A keyless lock is the one for which the safety latch or screw has not been activated it makes her quite vulnerable to the various tools that can be used to force them to open.

That’s not it a lock fixed with the screw do not be vulnerable; it’s just that it is harder to open by means other than the original key with which it is usually made.

We will not consider here whether the keys were lost or forgotten somewhere; in fact, this is not the most important thing. Which We are interested in knowing how to open a keyless bit lock.

Two-bit lock security or Borjas, which are the devices in question here, is under discussion for a long time; everything has to do with ingenious tools that they were created to force them.

The locksmith industry offered professionals in this profession of three tools easy to handle, very efficient, quiet, no collateral damage and extraordinarily fast functional.

The tools we are referring to are MAGIC KEY, SECUREMME automatic openerand AUTOMATIC PRODUCER, in particular designed for choosing double-bit locks, even if they are insured.

All these platforms acts directly on the keys, those metal plates contained in the locking box, designed with a unique or cut pattern for each of them.

Things are even easier if, in addition to the right tools, the lock was not secured. In these cases can also be used:

  • latch opener usa spirala.

  • latch slider «TFG» door.

  • spatula with latch door.

  • locking levers door.

  • plastic opening cards of the door latch.

  • folding the opening books «Open».

  1. The magic key or the magic key.

The magic key was designed and manufactured for opening double locks. No need for auxiliary tools, this tool has the ability to reproduce the design of ladybugs in the open position.

In a very short time, it is possible to copy your own model of the original key, what it is used for a series of interchangeable tips that fit the die cut of the grooves with each movement that is imprinted on the Magic Key.

An ergonomic handle, a tension bar, a rod or metal tip, equipped with a series of small movable needles, are enough to assemble a clean, quiet, fast and efficient tool even in the most secure bit lock

Complete the set of magic keys a screw used to move and level the needles once the instrument has been used. More than 60 interchangeable needles or foils can be purchased independently.

You don’t have to be an expert locksmith or undergo long periods of practice; Anyone can choose a ratchet lock without causing damage if you have a hand in your hand MAGIC KEY.

  1. TOSECUREMME vending machine for keys.

Ease, speed, security and care The magic keys are played point by point in SECUREMME automatic opener for gorja, with similar characteristics in terms of their operation.

Between the most remarkable features about this great tool can be mentioned:

  • Able open all SECUREMME 3 x 3, 2 and 4 turn locks; You can do the same picking on other brands and on some models of normal safes and SECURMAP ANTI-PICK.

  • Operate the SECUREMME gorilla opening machine it is so simple that with just a few movements you can open the lock efficiently and quickly of bitterness for which the specific tip was designed.

  • Excellent results are obtained, even if we are not trained as professional locksmiths, so no experience in this type of work is required.


Tool AUTOMATIC PRODUCER has the ability to work on all locks whose plates have the same dimensions and performs the opening using the auto-print method.

Between the most remarkable features of the AUTOMATIC PRODECODER may be mentioned:

  • opening of key locks it is very easy to do and in extremely short times.

  • Unlike other methods, without manual removal or disposal to achieve real success goals.

  • When we use AUTOMATIC PRODECODER, no harm to regretno matter how the lock is oriented.

  • Armored doors can’t stand it, whatever part of the world we use; nor systems considered high security.

  • The usefulness of the tool is multiplied by the number of times it can be reused, obtaining the decoding and unlocking of the locks whenever necessary.


  1. Tool has 2 main wheels: a turbo wheel and a tension wheel; In addition, it has 2 small voltage bars which can be screwed on the sides of the handle, on the tension wheel.

  2. The turbo wheel is the drive wheel which can be considered as the main. Twisting it activates the movement of the pins located at the top of the peak.

  3. When the turbo wheel rotates, the tension wheel moves alternately left and right, causing the tension that the pins or those acting on the locking plates or screws must have.

  4. The opening of the lock is achieved by the traction or force exerted by the pins on the bits when AUTOMATIC PRODECODER takes the form of the original key.

It’s important consider the following recommendations:

  • The lock is gradually opened, therefore we must not force the AUTOMATIC PRODUCER.

  • The turbo wheel has two stopping points: one on the left and one on the right.

Lastly, the 3 toolsdescribedit works in a similar way, pressing the tips and copying the opening pattern, typical of the original key.