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How to open a doorknob door

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If you were in the situation of stay locked out of your house or from your own room, because it happened that someone passed the lock and left the key inside, because you must have wondered how to open a doorknob door.

For this, you will need some common tools that you can get even in your own wallet or backpack.

But before you learn how to open a latch or a locked door, pay attention to the following.

Recognize the type of button

It basically exists two types of buttons that you can find at home, goat with keyhole, with pressure insurance or twist back or buttons with locking system on the back but without the keyhole, so I bring a small round hole in case of emergency.

how to open a doorknob door

There are also security buttons, electronic and double pin, if your button is one of them, the most recommended is call the locksmith so you can open the door.

Ways to open a doorknob door

Opening a door with a credit card

This technique can be used when it is a door of the door, as in the interior rooms, which they only have one SLIP.

You have to keep in mind that your beloved card is in danger of being dealt, so it is better to use a game or club card.

  • Take the card and insert it between the door and the frame, about 15 or 20 centimeters from the lock.
  • Start sliding the card slightly and apply pressure.
  • When you reach the height of the lock, you should pay attention, because the card will become a little stiff and you will have to continue to apply pressure until the slip returns before the card.
  • Then, with a movement of the card lever towards the button, the latch will allow the doors to open.

Using an Allen key to open a doorknob door

If you’re wondering how to open a door of the door handle can be opened with an Allen keyWell, don’t ask yourself that below we explain what kind of buttons you can open and how to do it.

Buttons that can be opened with an Allen key are those that have a hole in the center of the button.

You must have at least one for this Pair of Allen keys to find one that fits through the hole and fits inside the button.

  • The Allen key is L-shaped and you should make sure you enter the longest part of it with the button.
  • After I walk in and feel like he did the key click, will mean that you have installed the lock.
  • In the end only you have to turn the Allen key with a counterclockwise movement and then moving clockwise, with this the door should open without any problems.

Good were designed in this way to be able to open them in case of emergency.

how to open a padlock with a pin

Plastic bottle to open a door

With plastic bottle is also possible to open a button door And while few believe it is possible to do so, it is a practical way to open a door in an emergency.

For this you will only need a plastic bottle and scissors or a knife to cut it.

When cutting it, you need to make it vertical so that there is a flat, long sheet that you can use to open the door later.

  • With the piece of glass in your hands, insert it through the space between the door and the frame.
  • Then start lowering it until you reach the lock and apply pressure in a subtle way.
  • As with credit cards, you need to apply pressure when you face slipping, also give small backpack doors to create space for the plastic of the glass to fit between the briefs and the frame.

This way the door will open and you can recover everything that was inside the room.

Using a knife to open a doorknob door

Other the technique you can apply to open a door of the door, is to use a kitchen knife.

You need to keep in mind that this technique is only used when eye Lock it is somewhat wide and you should use a fine-tipped knife.

The effectiveness of this technique it depends a lot on the quality of the lockbecause it works regularly on interior doors that have a single safety lock.

  • For open a doorknob door with a knife, you need to insert the tip of the knife into the notch of the key.
  • Then turn it like a key, if the knife can push the needles and align them, the door will give way and you will be able to enter.

This technique is not very risky, as applying too much pressure can break the lock.

tutorial on how to open a doorknob door

Are you inside and locked up? Quietly, there is a solution to open the door and it always works.

Nap caught inside the room and the door handle door is locked, there is always a way to fix the problem.

As the buttons have been designed to be removed from the inside.

You will only need a piece of metal, an ink pen or a durable plastic object, you can also handle a clip or nail clipper, if you have the key that comes with the lock to disarm it, much better.

  • In the cylinder that connects the door handle to the door, you will be able to see a small hole, in this there is a small opening.
  • When locating it, you will need to insert something thin, such as a paper clip or the end of a nail clipper, and push it in.
  • This will allow you to remove the door clip and then release the flattened circular part that keeps the cylinder stable in the door.
  • The latter can be removed by rotation, because it is a wire and works as a kind of nut.
  • Then you will have access to the entire cylinder and do not panic, you will have to finish removing three screws only with the help of a credit card or nail clipper.
  • This way, you will have to push the entire cylinder, preferably with a dry blow.
  • Finally, with your hand you can slide inwards and thus you can get out in the simplest way.

This process usually does not take 5 minutes, it is also effective. If you don’t like the idea, you can try it too remove the door hinges.