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How to open a door without a handle

como abrir una puerta de fierro sin llaves

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Doors without handles are always a problem when it comes to being caught inside. Or be left outside a door without a handle so you can enter again.

There is always a time when it happens to us, so here we will teach you how to open a door without a handle.

Let’s learn a little about doorless doors

These types of doors are thus for two main reasons.

  • First, they lose the lock and preferred to use it only with the key for greater security.
  • Are exterior doors, which connects directly to busy roads, so a doorknob would be very attractive for someone looking for an opportunity to grab something for free.

how to open a door without a handle

How does a door without a handle work?

Lockless doors work mainly with deadlocks, which enter the door and are inserted from the side.

Also there are other types of locks, used in latchless doors, including butterfly locks or frame locks, which work in the same way as the dead lock.

And finally keyless latches or screws, which are normally used as auxiliaries to provide greater security. But they are sometimes used on garden doors, storage or closets because they do not require a lock to ensure security.

How to open a door without a handle?

Using a credit card to open a door without a handle

Credit card is one of the most applied techniques and is one of the best ways to learn how to open a door without a handle.

Although the technique is called «credit card», it is not limited to them, but to the type of material, which is plastic, durable and flexible, because it works and works.

You can use old debit cards, gift cards, club cards and even a card made from a bottle of Coke.

Now, learn how to open a door without a handle with a credit card or a plastic card.

  • Insert the card into the space between the door and the door frame.
  • The height of the insert should be 20 to 15 centimeters above the lock.
  • Slide the card with pressure until it locks.
  • When the card is stopped by the lock slider, apply more pressure to the card.
  • Also, make small movements from front to back so that the card is mounted above the slide.
  • As the book begins to slide between the skid and the frame, apply more pressure.
  • Use the anti-slip until the card is released.
  • So with a little push, the door should open smoothly and make sure it doesn’t close again before you find the key.

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Another method you can use opening a door that does not have a handle is done with a key.

This key allows you to open any lock With a very simple method, it has the teeth aligned in the lowest position, thus allowing the internal pins of the lock to be placed in the correct position, allowing it to turn and, of course, open the door.

Learn how to open a door without a handle with a colliding key

To perform this technique, you need a set of keys or you can do it yourself.

  • With the key in your hand, insert it into the keyhole.
  • If you try to turn it over, you will see that it will not be able to do so.
  • First you need to hit with an object preferably made of rubber, such as a hammer.
  • Give it a few touches.
  • In this way, what will happen is that, with the blows, the needles will reach the lowest point and will align.
  • If it does not rotate completely, you can give other blows until the lock rotates completely.
  • And then the door will open.

With this technique you can open all the desired doors open only if they are owned by you.

how to open a keyless iron door


An old technique used by locksmiths to open doors is the use of pawns, with the help of which they unlock one by one the locks of the locks.

This process requires a lot of practice, patience and perseverance, but once you have learned any door that gets in the way can be opened with just two small metal tools.

Lockpicks are not sold anywhere, so you have to build them, you can use clips, hair pins or other fine metal that is durable and that you can handle.

You only need two options, one «L» shaped that will act as a lever and one long, with a tip of about 4 millimeters flattened and raised.

Learn how to open a door without a drop handle

  • Insert the L-shaped lever or choose the wide part of the keyhole and press down.
  • With the other piece, insert it inside the lock and try to lift the first obstacle you encounter on the way, this will be the first of the needles.
  • When activated, you can turn the lock slightly until it locks again.
  • Then insert the long extension cord again and lift the next needle and turn it over again.
  • This must be repeated until the lock rotates completely and you can open the door without causing damage.

Each type of lock has a different number of needles or pistons, so you need to check it yourself until you can open it.

open the door without a handle

Do you want to get in quickly and don’t mind damaging the lock?

Use pliers or a pressure pliers

If The mortise lock protrudes above the surface of the door, you can take a pair of pliers and catch it.

Then move sideways to release the door lock without the handle.

Finally, after removing the lock and with a screwdriver or screwdriver, pull the latch or latch and thus open it.

Use a chisel and a hammer

You can too use a chisel and a hammer to remove the lock.

Place the chisel perpendicular to the lock and with the help of the hammer giving it dry and strong blows.

You will remove the lock or drum, as in the previous technique, with a screwdriver / the screwdriver pulls the slide, and that’s it.

Open door.

To change the lock, you can choose call a locksmith, You have a newer and better quality fit or simply buy the lock and install it yourself. Or if you want to give yourself one last chance, enter our article, where we explain how to open a door with a wire and break your own limits.