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How to open a door with an x-ray

como abrir una puerta con una radiografia

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Of all the ways and methods that exist to open a door the method of opening a door with an X-ray film. is one of the best. That’s why we explain: How to open a door with an x-ray.

We will never bother to remind you that opening a door of private property without the consent of the owners is a violation of the law. So, if you put into practice the techniques and tips you detail here, you will do it to:

  1. Open a door to your property.
  2. Open a door to someone else’s property with the express consent of the owners and only in case of emergency.

X-ray or universal key in case of emergency

Imagine your scenario:

These caught outside your houseYou left the keys inside, you have no more children, so there is no way to enter. So assume that the best and only way to get in is by calling machinist.

how to open a door with an x-ray

After a while, door specialist: You have a suitcase. But he doesn’t open it. Study the door with the skill of a surgeon.

After a few minutes of observation, the locksmith approaches the briefcase and what does he take out?

To your surprise and amazement:

An X-ray sheet.

The locksmith goes to the door, inserts the damn X-ray film. in the small space between the frame and the wall, just a few inches below the lock. Slide the foil and, as if by magic and in a few seconds, the door opens.

The specialist keeps your x-ray in your suitcase and gives you a receipt.

If you had the wisdom to try to open the door yourself.

Why open an X-ray door?

Believe it or not, these things happen.

In other words, people cannot enter their homes. And yes, locksmiths sometimes open doors using photos of someone’s broken bones.

And if you are wondering why, we will list them below.

Opening X-ray doors is convenient for:

  • It is a method that it does not compromise the integrity of either the door or the lock.
  • X-ray films (made of acetate) are flexible and very strong. Perfect for going through the difficult L angles of most certain doors.
  • They end up in areas where screwdrivers, knives, wires, paper clips and credit cards cannot.
  • They are relatively easy to find.

how to open a multilock door

Having said all that, you are definitely wondering:

How to open a door with an x-ray?

To open an X-ray door we need:

  • A bone scanning or acetate sheet (type used in projections and stationery)
  • Optional: oil lubricating for mechanical parts or Vaseline.

Opening a door with an x-ray

The dynamics of this technique are simple:

  • Insert the x-ray into the space between the frame and the door, approx 20 centimeters above or below the lock.
  • Make sure at least half of the sheet is incorporated in the opening.
  • Slide the foil firmly and firmly in the direction of the lock.
  • Hit the latch or latch of the foil lock.
  • The door opens.

Sometimes the door does not open on the first try, so you have to repeat the operation several times. The key is in force the foil latch applying force.

how to open a locked door

It is even possible to apply a lubricant that allows you to slip or insert the X-ray film into the space between the door and the lock more easily. But don’t overdo it, excess lubricant far from making your job easier can make the task more complicated:

Remember that you must have a socket and that a certain level of friction is required to work by forcing the latch and opening the door. You do not want the foil to slip out of your hands with each attempt.

This technique does not work in cases where it is the key distribution that is, when the door is locked. Although you don’t lose anything by trying. On some interior doors and older models, the X-ray method works even when the key is turned.

It can be difficult to find an x-ray if you are on the street, so you can call your neighbors who could lend you one. Remember that if what happened is that you left an interior door closed, you may need to read our article on how to open a door with a button, where we explain in a simple way all the methods that exist to open this type of lock.