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How to open a door with a wire

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Of all the tools you can use to open a door, wire is the most common. Learn how to open a door with a wire. It is a technique that can sometimes be used to open a locked door without a key.

Perhaps due to the availability of the material or its malleability, when opening a door, wire is one of the most used tools.

The fact is that there are many variants and possibilities that the thread offers us, in its many presentations. Here we teach you how to open a door using lightweight construction steel wire up to paper clip.

Of course, always keep that in mind opening a door on private property is a crime.

How many ways are there to open a door with a wire?

thanks to malleability the wire can be transformed into various tools without the need for complicated tools. Many of them can be used to open different types of doors. Here we list the different ways a wire can be used to open a door.

how to open a door with a wire

How to open a door with a cable

The choice is locksmith tool improvised par excellence. Really used by professional locksmiths when undertaking tasks of forcing of locks, when conventional tools do not work.

What is a choice?

The choice is nothing but a piece of wire at which a fold was made in one of the ends to make it closest to a hook. It is usually used in conjunction with another tool, also made of wire, known as voltage bar.

Opening a door with a pick-up wire

To open a door with a plate, we will also need a voltage bar. The tension rod is a straight piece of wire. Although it can serve another durable material or tool. It must be so thin that it fits through the keyhole, leaving room for the retrieval thread to be inserted.

Once you have the wire tools ready, we get to work.

  1. Put the wire that serves as a tension rod in the keyhole.
  2. We need to know in which direction the key turns in that lock. To find out, we turn the tension bar and, in the direction in which we perceive less resistance, it will be the direction in which we will make constant pressure with the bar.
  3. Now we insert our retrieval thread into the lock. The ideal location of the pick during the procedure is: in the direction in which the key teeth should be positioned.
  4. The work we will do with ours the lock button will unlock the pins or pistons. That’s why we’re moving it groping to go find obstacles (pins that close the lock).
  5. The idea is to always maintain the tension bar pressure. It should move each time you unlock a pin with the selector.
  6. The pins are unlocked by rake with the foot in the direction in which the key is opened. Which is always on the side, which can be left or right. The sense of choice is almost always from the bottom up.
  7. Once you have managed to align the pins, you need to turn the tension bar, as if it were the key, and be able to open the door.

how to open a door without a handle

This is one of the most popular ways to open a door with a wire.

Keep that in mind when it comes to locking screws simple mechanism like those of an old drawer or closet is not necessary use force. Simply insert a straight thread (or a clip) and maneuver slightly to the side so that the door opens.

How to open a door with a wire without forcing the lock

Sometimes The choice can affect one of the locking pins and leave it defective. But it is also possible to open a door with a wire without intervening directly on the screw.

All we need is a piece of wire long enough to catch the latch.

Sometimes even a paper clip can do that. But others need a good portion of wire.

This technique works in those cases where:

    1. SLIP. The latch is almost always a triangular piece, coming in and out of the lock, every time we turn the door handle or the door handle.
    2. The door is not locked.

To achieve this, you must:

  • We have a portion of C-shaped wire that allows us to catch and pull the slide.

picking tools

You have much more information about these techniques in our article on how to open a door with a clip.

Opening a door with a wire without lifting the lock

  1. We present to you the tip of the wire in the space between the door leaf and the frame. At the height of the lock, above the latch or slip.
  2. We push the thread forward. Because it is bent in a C shape, the point we enter must turn past the slip.
  3. We take the tip of the thread that belongs to us. Now we have to slide bound with the wire.
  4. We pull the thread towards us with both hands. The door should open.

Do not forget that this technique only works in cases where the skid is visible or accessible through the slot in the frame.