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How to open a door with a paper clip

como abrir una puerta con un clip

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When it comes to opening doors, the clip is a great ally. If you’ve ever wonderedHow to open a door with a paper clip? Good luck: here we explain the best methods.

There is nothing better than solving an emergency or an unforeseen event at home or in the office with what we have at hand, it is a very simple technique to open a closed door, with minimal tools and in a short time.

And doors locked inside I’m from emergency the most common at work and in the family. Sometimes someone is trapped inside, sometimes not. But we must always solve. This time we will show you the best ways to open a lock using a paper clip.

how to open a door with a paper clip

For open a door with a paper clip there are two techniques:

  1. Where we use the clip as a key.
  2. Where we use the clamp to force the latch or slide.

Let’s do it.

How to open a door with a clip (using the clip as a key)

This is one of the methods forcing of doors one of the most attractive. We must recognize that the use of such an everyday object, so small and, if you will, as insignificant as a paper clip is impressive.

One thing, remember that by doing this, you attract the attention of everyone around you. So if you do it on an exterior door that comes from a property you own. Or if it is a foreign door that you make with permission and, what better way if it is to participate in an emergency. He considers that entering private property without authorization and forcing the door is a crime.

With that said, let’s start:

You need to keep in mind that this method of opening the door using the clip works best if the door is slammed shut, namely, without the last key.

Preparing clips:

  • Get two clamps or rolling papers
  • Open one of the clips until it is straight
  • Bend one of the tips of the clip, it can be the last 4 or 5 millimeters in the form of a hook. It will be used as key or choice.
  • Now take the second clip
  • Open it in half and fold it, you should have something like L. It will be used as home choice. Instead of a paper clip we can also use a sharp sharp object, which fits in the keyhole.

open a lock with a paper clip

Opening the door with clamps:

  1. Insert the clip you prepared in an L-shape into the keyhole, ours voltage key.
  2. Hold the tension wrench straight and steady, pushing hard into the lock.
  3. While pressing with voltage key take the clip from Choose the key and insert it at the top of the hole. This should be just above the power switch.
  4. With the two clamps in place move the pickup clip as if it were the key as you move it up and down.
  5. You should feel and hear the latches that come and go inside the lock.
  6. When you felt more clicks or cracks inside the lock, it’s time to try to turn the doorknob.
  7. Turn the knob. And if all went well, he would give in without any problems. As if you had it open the door with a key.

How to open a door with a clip forcing the latch or slider

To open a door with a clamp, pulling the latch or latch directly (which is a triangular piece that goes in and out every time we turn the knob) we need:

This technique works best if the door is not locked.

To put it into practice you need to: open the clip until it is straight and then fold it like a C-shaped hook.

pick a lock

In this case we will not choose the lock on the eyes. Instead, we will locate the edge of the door: that small opening that separates the leaf of the door from the frame in the wall. Here we insert the clip transformed into a hook. We have to do it at the height of the latch in such a way that it is bound with our video. Once we have the latch attached to the C-shaped hook, we pull with both hands towards us.

To open a door with a clip you have to take this into account

  • small and very thin clips do not work.
  • Plastic-coated clamps are also not recommended.
  • When you use the clip to open using key lock selection and key of traction you have to be careful: you can hurt your hands.
  • All locks are different.
  • The key to opening a door is to stay calm.
  • You need to have more videos at hand. Sometimes they soften as you try to open them.

The clamps, although small pieces of wire, are very useful for opening doors, locks, padlocks. Always carry a pair with you in your purse, they do not take up space and can help you get out of trouble.

The principles you have learned here can be applied to other elements. A good pair of clamps can help you remove a chain with a padlock, unscrew a screw, remove a cover.