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How to open a door with a card

como abrir una puerta facil

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Opening a door in an unconventional way, using objects that we would normally use for other things, to get out in a hurry is always a good idea. And all the more so when I can resolve the situation.

In this case credit or debit card that we never leave when we leave home, which can be used to open the door. With the help of a little knowledge, which we share here with you, a little ingenuity. And of course with a little patience.

how to open a door with a card

Therefore, here we will teach you how to open a door with a card. Remember that if you do something illegal, it will have consequences. In this article we talk about the door of your house, if you need to know how to open the door of a car, we have another tutorial.

3 things you should know before learning how to open a door with a card.

  • The first thing you need to know is that this should be applied only in case of emergency.
  • Your credit or debit card is exposed to damage because, as you well know, it was not and is not designed to open doors.
  • Recommendations or alternatives for using this technique, to open a door you can use another type of plastic card, such as clubs, games, shops or any other with the same characteristics.

Learn to open a door with a card

  • Evaluate the gap between the door and the door frame. This is important to check, as there may be an unnecessary attempt to insert a card into a space where it does not fit.
  • Notice that there are a few millimeters of separation.
  • If the door frame does not protrude above the door and there is a space between them, you have a good chance of opening it.
  • We are not responsible for the use you make of the knowledge given below, if you attempt to do damage or enter private property, it is best not to read this tutorial.

Now, let’s open the door!

  1. Take the card and insert it at a height of 15 centimeters above the lock, you can do this from above.
  2. Start sliding the card down, applying a little pressure, do it slowly, because doing it quickly can bend or split the card.
  3. When you reach the lock, sliding the card will be a little more difficult. This is because the card will start to lock with the card (triangular moving part, responsible for closing the door when the knob or knob is rotated)
  4. When the card is placed between the latch and the door frame, the job is almost done, you just need to apply a little pressure to finish unlocking the latch and then the door will open on its own without even turning the knob.
  5. That’s it, open the door.

Couldn’t you open the door with a card?

If you could not open your door, it could be for a reason: many doors have a fairly strong security system.

Most doors have two locks, SLIP which moves with the movement of the button or the button and the button closer or balloon, which moves only with the presence of the key.

how to open a locked door with a card

An example of this is security gates They only have one closer, they have at least 3. So, if your door is one of these, forget to use a card.

Do you have a single key to open a door?

In a house there is never a single key to a doorTherefore, if there is another person who has the house key, you can call her and avoid damaging the card.

Yes live with a roommate You can call him or wait for him to return with the key to enter your room or apartment. That is if you have nothing else to do or if your life does not depend on entering the room at that very moment.

Rush? Call the owner

If you live in an apartment or a room, you definitely have an owner or a person who owns the property, so if you leave the key inside, you can go to it, because they always have a copy of the key in question for cases. of emergency.

Have you already exhausted all options? Call a locksmith

If you’ve run out of options, you’ve messed up your card, and no one else has a key, it’s best call a locksmith.

Since the locksmith has the knowledge and experience to open your door without any problem.

He will also see if your lock can be saved or if new lock.

Recommendations for opening a door with a card

  • You always have one at your disposal emergency keyTo do this, you can go to a locksmith, because I can make you an exact copy of the key, which you can use in case of emergency.
  • You cannot have this next to the other, preferably you can give it to someone you trust who lives close to home, ie a neighbor or a family member.
  • If not, buy yourself a flower pot, a plant and a few stones and put the key inside a pot hidden among the stones.
  • If you have a good garden, you can buy a fake stone, which is designed to keep the keys inside.
  • You can look for a secret hiding place near or near your apartment. hide your key and look for it in an emergency, you have to be very careful that no one but you knows about this place, because if you know you can take the key and go after your things.

Legal responsibility to open a door with a card

Remember apply this technique only in your own house or roomBecause if they find you opening someone else’s door without their consent, you could have serious legal issues.