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How to open a door with a broken handle

como abrir una puerta sin manilla

The cover » How to open a door with a broken handle how to open a door without a handle

Something that usually happens on some occasions is that the door handle breaks, and when this happens, trying to open the door becomes a headache, especially when you don’t have the lock key on hand, so today we’ll show you how to open a door with a broken handle or button. In a previous article we talked about how to use the method of hitting a lock, which can also be used in this case, as well as our article dedicated to how to open a door without a lock.

There are different ways to open a door with a broken handle, but first let’s talk a little about the function of the handle in our lock.

how to open a door with a broken handle

How does a handle work?

The main function of the handle is to operate the mechanism which unlocks the latch on the lock to open the door when turned.

For this reason break the handle, opening the door becomes a complicated task, because the other traditional way of opening is with your own key.

But what if I don’t have the key at hand? You will wonder. We tell you that there are no problems, because there are several ways to do this open a door without the doorknob.

How to open a door with a broken handle in 3 different ways

There are several ways we can open a door with a broken handle, ways that you certainly when you rush to get home or your room that you overlooked and that are usually much easier than you can imagine.

the door handle does not open

Therefore, here we show you and explain, step by step, what you should do open the door with the handle broken.

Use pliers or pliers

One of the cases that usually occurs with a handle or lock is that the part we hold in order to be able to open the door broke or fell, but stem or square on your site

This is one of the most favorable cases for you that you do not have the key and you have to get home quickly.

locked door lock closed

This is because, with the stem still in the lock, we just need to turn it over, but to do this we will need a pair of pliers, pliers or pliers.

Steps to open a door with a broken handle with pliers

  • If you have pressure clamp it will be much easier if you don’t just use conventional tweezers.
  • With clip hold the stem coming out of the padlock.
  • Now, being very careful not to remove the rod from its place, turn it in the direction in which the door normally opens.

And it’s so easy open a door with a broken handle using pliers.

Sure, if the rod is still locked.

But if that’s not your case, you’ll definitely wonder how to open it because the locking rod also came out together with the handle, then here we leave you with a solution.

how to unlock a door

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to turn the lock

If the door in question has no handle or handle, the problem seems to be a bit more complicated, but in this case we will only need a screwdriver with a blade to open the lock.

the door handle is loose

Steps to open a door with a broken handle with a screwdriver

  • I checked to see if the lock had a hole where the rod should be.
  • We’re looking for a thick-blade screwdriver, which fits into the hole (usually square) in an inclined manner, ie by pressing on two corners.
  • We insert the screwdriver and now with a little pressure we return to the part where the lock normally opens.

In this way the door would open without any problem, in some cases the handle tends to come off together with the rod, so only by inserting it well into the hole or the connection for the rod and rotating the handle if the door opens.

how to open a door without a keyHow to open a door without a key

If none of these techniques worked, you can continue reading this article, as one of the following will definitely work for you.

Use the classic credit card trick

One of the best techniques o tricks to open a door whose handle is broken, if you do not have the key and you need to open the door quickly, it is with the help of a credit card.

Come on, that trick says credit card doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use this type of card, a school card or an ID card will go well, a club or customer card is also good, all that matters is that it is a fine object. , PVC, flexible and durable.

how to open a door without a handleHow to open a door without a handle

Steps to open a broken door with a credit card

  • Note that the door has a thin opening between the frame and the leaf, called by the light of the locks, so that you can insert the card,
  • Take the card and, about 20 centimeters above the lock or latch, the slip is the part of the lock that keeps the door closed, which when you move the handle sinks and when released comes out again, insert it between the door and the frame.
  • With a little pressure, he begins to slide it toward the door slide.
  • When the card is about to slip, apply a little pressure and move in and out without completely removing the card from the slot.
  • After repeating a few times, or more, we will fill the notch that the latch used to hold the frame door so that the door opens smoothly.
how to open a door without a handle

Recommendations for opening a door with a broken handle

  • One of the things you should keep in mind when open a door with a broken handle, is that you have to apply the techniques well.
  • Patience will be your best ally to open a broken door.
  • These tricks or techniques should only be applied to your property, because if you do it anywhere else without the owners’ permission, you may have problems with the law.
  • We are not responsible for your use of these techniques, however, we remind you that you should only apply them in emergencies.
  • If you have not been able to open the door with these techniques, you can wait for someone who has the key to the house, enter the back door If you’ve been let out, if you’re inside, you can go out the window or call someone who can open the door from the outside.