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How to open a closed door

como abrir una puerta cerrada

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Opening a door is always something satisfying, whether in the work or social sphere, opening the door of your house to run to the bathroom. But it is even more valuable to learn how to open a locked door when you lost the key or left the key inside.

how to open a closed door

Therefore, in this article we will teach you how to open a closed door in the best way. So you can feel like a superhero or Sherlock Holmes.

Tips for opening a closed door

The practice is perfect and if you want to open a door using any method other than the traditional one (with your own key), you will have to practice a few times before you can do it.

Of course, some methods require less or more practice and are not as simple as the tutorials we show you on how to open a wooden door, because they are not interior doors.

Use these tricks only in your own house or room

It is important to use this knowledge properly, even better if you are in your own home.

This way, you will avoid inconveniences. If you are going to do it in another property that is with the permission of the owners.

Learn how to open a closed door only for emergencies

Use these handy tools only in an emergency, because taking this game as a game or a demonstration of skill to show yourself along with your friends would end up looking really bad. you could break the lock.

Techniques for opening a closed door

There are several ways to open a closed door without using your key and here we will show you what they are.

Opening a door with a credit card

Wearing a credit card to open a closed door is a classic. However, it requires prior knowledge to be able to open the door successfully.

Although it is a widely used technique, it is recommended to use a different type of card than a credit or debit card. This is to avoid damaging or damaging your bank card.

how to open a locked door inside

There are other books with the same materials, such as those for clubs, books or any PVC cardboard that you have available. You can also replace the plastic in one soda bottle or another.

Hair clip or pin to open a closed door

The clamp is a tool and technique used to open closed doors. Hairpins are also used, which are perfect because they are made of a fairly resistant material.

This technique requires many hours of practice, but is one of the most effective, as it involves opening the pins or those that keep the door closed and can be used in almost any type of simple lock.

Opening a locked door with Allen keys

Hex wrenches, also known as hex wrenches, are a very common tool for performing mechanical repairs or tightening screws.

They are used in a specific case of buttons, because not all buttons are designed the same way.

The button that can be opened with an Allen key is one that has a hole in the center of it and also does not have a key slot.

Using silverware to open a closed door

cutlery can also be used to open closed doorsIn the case of bars or guards, forks or spoons with a thin handle are perfect for opening the bars, using them as a lever to push the latch (part of the locking device that closes or opens the door) and thus opens the door. .

Remove the hinges and open the closed door

A the method that is used in the case of locking inside the chamber is to remove the hinges.

Hinges are small metal fasteners that hold the door in place and also allow it to rotate from side to side. Doors usually have three hinges, and if each is removed, the door will not have a bracket, so you can remove it without even scratching.

Learn how to open a closed door

However, here we will detail just one of the ways to open a closed door. According to a study of 10 respondents, 8 out of 10 chose the credit card as the best option because it is always loaded in the wallet and it is a very practical way to open a closed door, plus any similar material may be used.

The first step to open a door

Check the space between the door and the door frame, see if it is feasible to insert a card, as there is a possibility or not that you can perform the procedure with the card.

The second step is to open the closed door

You need to see what the type of lock the door holds that you will open, because if it is a security door with several locks, forget it and look for a good locksmith.

Third, let’s open the closed door

  • Take the card and insert it through the space between the door and the frame.
  • This is what you should do about it 15 centimeters above the height of the lock (although you can also try directly by putting the card over the lock)
  • Then start to lower the card slightly, to the height of the lock, here you will have to apply a little pressure to counteract the force of the slip.
  • Apply small knocks on the door and keep pressing with the card.
  • When the card entered between the slide and the frame, you can open the door without any problem.

3 recommendations to remember before opening a closed door

Use an old credit card to open a closed door or any replacement you do not lose, if for any reason you damage your credit card.

Before attempting to open the door with any of the methods presented in this article, try to find the key. If someone as a family member has the key, call him, if it is a rented apartment, call the owner, because he will have a key for emergencies.

If you have exhausted all options and could not open the door using any of the methods, please call a locksmith as he will know what to do and how to do it to open your door, if necessary, they will change the lock on she .