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How to open a closed door from the inside

como abrir una puerta cerrada por dentro

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There are certain skills that we need to know at some point in our lives and how to open a closed door from the inside it is certainly one of them.

Before I start explaining how to open a closed door from the inside

Opening a door to someone else’s property is considered a crime in all parts of the world for which issues such as: invasion of private property, infringement of property rights, property damage and a long list of charges can be charged.

We understand that you must open a door that belongs to you or another, with the express permission of the owners. And / or in case of emergency.

After clarifying the point, we return to what concerns us and answer in this article textual, to the question of millions of dollars:

How to open a closed door from the inside?

There are many alternatives to opening a closed door, but these are reduced to a few when the door is closed from the inside.

Here we list the most to open a closed door from the inside

Open a closed door from the inside by disassembling the lock with a screwdriver and tools

Forget the credit card or the knife, if the problem door is closed from the inside we have to apply somewhat drastic solutions.

East the method of opening a door works best if it is a wooden door with a round button, which is the case for most wooden doors used indoors:

  • office
  • Rooms
  • And some cabinets.


Because they are easier to disassemble than doors with drum lock or the security ones with which you will need specialized tools.

To remove the lock, you will need:

  • Screwdrivers (usually grooved tip)
  • In case of emergency, you could use a utility knife to remove the screws.

how to open a locked door inside

Disarm the lock

  1. The first thing is to locate the basic screws, in these locks under the button there is always a sheet of metal or a lid for ornamental purposes in which the screws are hidden.
  2. Remove the cover. Sometimes it will be necessary to remove the button by turning it in both directions. In others, the screws are always visible.
  3. Once you have located the screws, remove them using the screwdriver (or knife).
  4. Removing the screws is almost half the task. Now pull the button or button base towards you. This will expose the locking mechanism (screw).
  5. There is another button on the other side. Remove it by pushing with the screwdriver.
  6. At this point try to open the door by pushing. If it doesn’t open, you have to forces the latch.
  7. Using the screwdriver, push the springs that operate the screw mechanism in the opposite direction to the latch. Keep the pressure on the springs.
  8. Even with the screwdriver, open the door.

Remove the lock by other methods

You can remove the lock by other methods:

  • Using a drill.
  • With hammer and sieve.
  • Hitting the mace.

You have to be careful, because with these methods you can break down the door.

How to open a closed door from the inside using the Bumping Key method

Method knocking key It is one of the best when it comes to opening a closed door from the inside. Not in vain is the one most often used by professional locksmiths to open your customers’ doors when you need to open a locked door.

What is the hit key?

Hit key is a type of master key also known as key 999 characterized by having all the wrists in the lowest position.

It looks like a key whose teeth have been set.

How to make a blow key or blow key?

In case of emergency and when you open a closed door from the inside, you can create your own hit key, you have to:

  • A key that can fit in the lock on the closed door.
  • A file, saw or tool for cutting key teeth.

Procedure for performing a knocking key is next:

Take the key and throw all the teeth into small triangles separated by spaces in a «V». Make sure that the size of each triangle is the same as the cuts are precise. I mean, it shouldn’t be crooked beaks or with swelling.


How to open a closed door from the inside with the key?

When you knocking key is ready and you will open the door, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Insert the file knocking key in the keyhole. Do not twist or force it, just insert it and leave it in place
  2. With a hammer, hammer or any other heavy but maneuverable object (a stone, a softball) press the key. The key is to access straight and inner shape. It’s like you want to key nails in the keyhole.
  3. Turn the knob or handle.

The key lock method is one of the most effective when opening a door in an emergency. It also does not damage the lock.

Other ways to open a closed door from the inside

There are many ways to open a closed door, the success of each method will depend on the type of lock and how destructive you want to be when opening.

Locksmith experts say there is no impossible lock but we do not have the tools we use, so we use methods such as:

With locksmith tools (improvised)

Most of the time, locksmiths solve the job with colliding keys or tension keys and a rake.

If we do not have the opportunity to manufacture a knocking key Well, we can do it ourselves voltage keys and ours locksmith rake.

What will we need?

Malleable wire can be used as a wire from which paper clips, hair clips or clothes clips, etc. are made.

How are locksmith keys made at home?

We have to make two different pieces:

  • Voltage key which is a totally straight thread.
  • The locksmith’s rake which is a straight thread with a hook at the end.

Their realization is simple: take a wire, a hair clip or a hair clip and shape it straight, this is ours voltage key.

Take a second piece of wire and apply the same procedure as when making voltage key, only we’ll make a hook in one of the ends. The hook must have a size that allows us to insert rake in the keyhole.

How to open the door using locksmith keys?

  1. TAKING voltage key and insert it into the lock as if it were the key.
  2. Turn the tension wrench in all directions paying attention to the direction in which it moves the most.
  3. Keep in mind that the direction in which the tension wrench allows the greatest movement is the direction in which you should turn and press throughout the procedure.
  4. Keep the voltage in the direction we determined in the previous step.
  5. Take the rake (which is the hook wire) and insert it in the part where the key teeth would be if we open with one.
  6. Even applying pressure with voltage key (which should not be much to avoid bending the wire) we start maneuvering with the rake hook, moving it in and out.
  7. We need to change the movements of the rake, paying attention with our touch and hearing to the behavior of the lock. What we feel and hear is vital to open the door. Try to turn the rake, tie it sideways, do it vibrate. The idea is to take advantage of the hook to move the locking pins.
  8. All this, we remind you, must be done by maintaining a constant pressure with the key or the tension bar.
  9. When you feel that the locking pins aligned (you will feel it as a sequence of sounds with a few clicks or small clicks) and there will be no objects obstructing the rake path turn the tension wrench like a wrench.
  10. Now the door is open.