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How to open a car with central locking without keys

como abrir un coche con cierre centralizado sin llaves

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If you want to know how to open a car with central locking without a key, here we show you several options. In a previous article we taught you how to open the door of a car, in this case we will talk about a specific case.

What you should know before you try to open a car with a central locking without keys

The success of the various options we present to you in this post will largely depend on the type of car you have.

There are many car models with central locking and each has its peculiarities.

It is not the same as trying to open a vehicle of the year, which incorporates the central lock and the most current keyless system, which does not require a key and does not have a lock, that open a restored carLet’s say from the 80’s or 90’s, which recently had the central locking system installed.

how to open a car with central locking without keysHow to open a car with central locking without keys

For this reason, there is no single and universal solution that can be applied to all cars, because, in addition to the fact that every year the cars are very different from each other, model, brand, circumstances in which we can stay out. keys inside the car they are very different.

Day or night? Away from civilization or in the garage? With you Toolbox almost or without tools at hand?

Circumstances will make your case different from the others.

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The webmasters responsible for this portal share useful information that can help you save lives or solve an emergency and in no case and in no case is the violation of private property promoted.

open car with tennis ball

That being said, knowing that as a user you are looking for information because they were locked the keys inside the car and we need to fix it as soon as possible, let’s get started.

How to open a car with central locking without keys, with all possible methods

As you know, all cars are different, regardless of our conditions and the circumstances in which we find ourselves when leaving the keys inside.

Therefore, we share several methods of how to open a car with central locking without keys.

How to manually open a central locking machine

Pay attention to all those who assure you of an infallible method of opening the car, the key is patience and trying different methods.

They can work especially on older models that have a lock key.

how to open a car without a key in 10 seconds

Using locks to open the car

Get some clips and prepare them as follows:

  • Spread a straight clip.
  • Do the same with the second, except that you will apply a fold at one end so that it looks like a sickle or hook.
  • Insert the clip straight by applying pressure to the center of the keyhole.
  • Insert the hook clip by moving it in different directions to try to rake the latches on the lock.
  • When you feel that the pins inside the lock have moved, turn the clip straight, just like a key.

Using a tennis ball to open a car with a central lock

This method of opening a car with a central locking without keys is one of the most surprising.

You need:

  • A tennis ball.
  • A tool to make an incision in the ball.
open piston machine

Let’s do it:

  • Take the tennis ball and, with the tool you have at hand, make a small hole in which the ball fits. keyhole and a little more.
  • Place the tennis ball with the hole right in the key opening.
  • Press the ball with your hand, as if you wanted to break it.
  • Observe the fuse to be released with the pressure you apply.
  • Open the door.

Opening a central locking door of the machine using a piston

We have to admit, we don’t always have a tennis ball at hand, so an alternative is to use a sipper.

You know, it’s those utensils that are used to unlock the toilet when something gets stuck.

opens the closed car door

The same principle should be used here as in tennis.

All you have to do is:

place piston over the keyhole and apply pressure.

Opening the remote doors without the car key

if you the car has a centralized, keyless keyAmong the newest ones, it is possible that the remote control has been left inside, or that the battery has run out or, something that also happens that the remote control simply breaks down.

open the locked car door

In this case, an option may always be to contact the remote door opening service.

You are probably wondering:

How can I contact the door opener to open my car?

This varies by manufacturer and location.

open machine with screwdriver

Most of the latest car models work through a mobile app or by connecting with your user on the manufacturer’s web portal.

It has the disadvantage that: you are at the mercy of the customer service of the car manufacturer, he will ask you for a PIN code or a code for security reasons before unlocking the car.

Breaking the window to open a car with a keyless system

If you are in a connection, say, a real emergency in which your limbs and your life are in danger, then an option to open a car with a central locking without keys is to break the window.

Remember that this should always be a last resort when all other methods do not work or you need to resolve your situation as soon as possible.

how to open a car without keys

Other issues to consider when opening a car with a central locking without a key

Remember that before try to open your car by applying force it will always be preferable to exhaust all harmless options, for example:

If your car is one of the most modern models, which does not use the key, and you have the remote control, but it does not work, try removing the battery and inserting it after a while or, better, replace it with a new one.

It often happens that the batteries run out without warning and you cannot open the car.