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How to open a car lock?

How to open a car lock?

How to open a car lock?

Modesty aside, I consider myself a good locksmith; This is how many of my clients have notified me through mobile messages and social networks. As such, I have to have the best tools in the exercise of my work.

The job of a locksmith involves a series of activities, all related to safety devices: installation, maintenance, repair and opening of these devices in the doors of buildings and machines.

We also perform tasks related to safes, Safety, trunks, chests and the like; In addition, we work with protective devices installed in motorcycles, bicycles, cabinets and wherever needed.

For it is necessary to open a car lockfrom the conjunction of a series of factors, all important on the same scale: knowledge, experience, skill, ability and, how to avoid it, the right tools.

How to open a car lock with TURBODECODER.

Between the most useful professional tools and of very high quality we can mention TURBODECODER, Tool specially designed for decoding, unlocking and opening modern car locks.

The design of this tool is based on a body or handle in which we find 2 wheels with different functions: one serves to feel the location of the pines and other such actions tensor during decoding.

  1. The first step is check that the lock is in good condition. We do this by inserting it into the cylinder a key that will let us know if the lock can be decoded.

  2. The lock must be free of obstacles, dust, dirty and total functional, so it should not have damage, blows or any other reason that prevents the tester key from entering easily.

  3. can use a little W-40 for clean the inside of the cylinder. If you need to press the test key to enter the lock, we’d better stop working with it, as it may damage the TURBODECODER.

  4. Then we go to reset the tool, something that must be done each time before each procedure. For this we use a sharp accessory which is part of the components included in the kit.

  5. It is closing completely The TURBOODECODER and move on resets the pins. These are located in the other side of the instrument, a kind of key-like palette; the pins located on both sides are reset.

  6. When the pins have already been reset, keeping the utensil completely closed, the tongue is inserted into the keyhole.

  1. The tool is open and alternate, the wheels are rotated to one side and the other, without forced movements at any time, until Achieve decodethe original key opening pattern.

  2. Decodes the original key pattern and opens the lock, the decoder closes as well it is removed from the padlock.

Experience-based effectiveness: this is TURBODECODER.

Extensa is the series of turbo decoders, on whose experience TURBODECODER bases its performance and efficiency, improving the quality of its materials and the ability to operate, becoming more comfortable and more efficient.

In the process of developing this tool, elements such as efficiency, comfort and useful life, which forced the adoption of new manufacturing processes, strengthening its components and other changes.

The results are approved by thousands of positive comments which TURBODECODER receives from users both professionals, apprentices, and amateur locksmiths.

Without much effort, TURBODECODER open any car lock for which it was designed, which offers a higher level of quality functional and a duration that extends over time.

No need use brute force, nor to pretend to open the car lock with archaic tools and little guarantee; the same ones that in the end can only cause damage, higher expenses and frustration.

There are turbo decoders for a wide range of vehicles, Among those that stand out: Alfa, Audi, BMW, Citroën, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Iveco, Jaguar, Kia, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes, Minicooper, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche.

Also knowincludes in this list prestigious brands of cars such as: Range Rover, Renault, Roolls Royce, Saab, Skoda, Smart, Toyota and VW, whose locks can be opened by Turbodecoder ..

Remarks on the margin.

  • The design of each TURBODECODER responds to the unlocking of the original lock of the vehicle for which it was manufactured. The preservation of this tool depends on its rational use.

  • Use a TURBODECODER in Unlocking a secondary lock can affect its performance and even his integrity.

  • To reset the pins TURBODECODER it is convenient to use only the accessorywhich is supplied with the kit; a kind of «L» key that ends at a point.

  • The function of the setting device is to return the turbo decoder to the starting position; it is necessary to reset or restart the decoder before each opening.

  • TURBODECODER not only decodes and unlocks very fast; also is able to reproduce the keys or the pattern of each original key.

  • Test key not only warns of obstacles or malformations in the locks; it also serves to identify the type of lock what is installed and how TURBODECODER should be inserted in her.

When purchasing a TURBODECODER, we will also receive:

  • 1 tool for configuring TURBODECODER.

  • 1 container for transport and storage made of durable plastic.

  • 1 online instruction manual.

  • 1 comprehensive warranty as long as the instrument is used properly and professionally.

All that remains is to say that TURBODECODER is a tool that It has been manufactured according to the standards of the highest technology, to serve in a ready and faithful way to the locksmith specialized in car security devices.

The use any tool to open a lock it should be done only for legal purposes. The locksmith is the best person to perform these processes. Not must acts without consent legitimate owner.