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How to open a bedroom door

como abrir una puerta de un cuarto

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Room doors are often the most problematic. In this post we cover everything you need to know how to open the door of a room.

Staying out of the bedroom is much more common than you think. A lot happens in those houses where there are children: they put the insuranceI close the door and no one finds the key.

So I call it a locksmith.

Or enter through a window, which are viable alternatives. But here are some tips that will help you take care of the closed room door yourself or also know how to open a door without a lock.

like opening a door with the key inside

All unparalleled interior doors

At least that’s what the locksmiths say.

But there is a lot of truth in that. Especially if we take into account that the doors of the rooms are very similar to the doors of the bathrooms.

In case you don’t know, interior doors (a bathroom and a bedroom, for example) have locks. Which can be:

  • Press or press securely or from button.
  • Press a button securely.
  • And push and turn locks (the oldest and least common).

Once you know what type of lock the room door has to open, it is easier to continue.

How to open a bedroom door with a lock button?

Button-locked doors are the most common in modern locks. And the easiest to open.

If it’s an old, cheap button lock, you can even open it without tools. Often all you have to do is turn the knob in all directions a few times and push.

So before you try any method, try one.

If after a while you have no results, you can prepare to put into practice what I have shown you here.

Opening a bedroom door with a button lock

  • Take a cloth and stretch the thread. You can also use a clip of those who hold the papers. Put it as straight as you can.
  • Put the cloth fastening thread or clip, inside the screw of the closed room door. You must enter it right in the center of town as if it were a key, as straight as you can.
  • Click in with wire or clamp. At some point you will come across an object that is resisting. This is the pin of insurance.
  • Keep pushing, if you are in the right direction and apply enough pressure, you should hear a click metallic at one time.
  • This is the indicator that I unlocked and that the room door is now open.

how to open a bedroom door

What should I do to open the door of a room if it has a key?

If the key has passed, a single wire may not be enough.

To be able to open a door to a room blocked you must use two wires. One straight and the other with a small hook or fold at one end.

Follow all the steps in the previous procedure as explained, only this time you will insert a second hook-shaped thread. This thread will serve for release the needles closing the door.

The procedure for releasing the screw pins is move the hook in different directions and go groping. Because all locks have their own features, you need to find out in which direction the pins of the room door you are opening are unlocked.

When you have unlocked all the pins you can twist the first thread as if it were the key and the veil: the door must be opened.

Did the door open?

Remember what kind of lock the door of the room in question has?

If the answer to both questions is no. And you made a few attempts following the procedure that I just explained step by step.

Then it is very possible to be a door with a different insurances. And because these are the most used insurances along with those with buttons. It can be a door with sure to come back.

How do you open a room door with a lock by turning a knob?

In this case, you will need a flat blade screwdriver. The idea is to use a screwdriver that fits perfectly in the eye of the screw. And also that it gives you room to maneuver.

  • As in the previous procedure, place the screwdriver in the center of the lock. As right as you can.
  • When the screwdriver is inserted, turn it carefully in clockwise. You shouldn’t turn it around so much. At least a quarter of a turn should open the door.
  • If it has not opened, repeat the procedure several times and turn the knob.
  • Sometimes what happens is that the screwdriver is very small and does not fit well. Try more until you find the one that best fits your locks.

how to open a closed interior door

What do I do to open a room door with a lock button?

These doors are becoming less common. This type of lock is no longer manufactured, where the safety is activated by pushing first and pushing later.

Although it is always possible to find some in the house of a nostalgic fanatic.

These locks are a challenge, as there is no way to access the lock from the outside. They have no eyes to enter the key.

All we see on the outside is a very sturdy button or handle.

So to open one of these doors, we have to do it force the latch or slide directly.

Take a good look at the space between the door and the frame. Right there the height of the lock there must be a small object that it joins at the door and frame. If we’re lucky, we can see it as a cube.

All our efforts should focus on the fact that sliding to open the door gives way.

How are we going to do that?

We have several options:

With a thread

And in this case we hang the latch with a wire. This one draw get out and go. The door opens.

If you do not have thread available, we can use:

A credit card

Or an x-ray. Or the cover of a notebook, the kind of strong acetate or vinyl. We can also use a plastic ice cream pot or from a soda container. Even a piece of waxed milk box.

We slide our favorite tool along the edge of the door to the latch and if the combination of force and depth was appropriate, the room door will open.