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How to open a bathroom door

como abrir una puerta de baño

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Not all doors are the same, so in this post we will show you how to open a bathroom door.

Bathroom doors are almost always equipped with a mechanism to guarantee a certain privacy to the occupant. These privacy mechanisms are secure enough to prevent the door from opening unexpectedly. But they are not so sure either. So, in case of emergency, it is always possible to open them.

When you have elderly or children in a home, these locks can sometimes be a headache. But using a few tips, a few everyday objects and a tool, you can always open a bathroom door.

Bathroom doors and latches

To open the door of a bathroom it is necessary to know what type of insurance they have. Most of these doors are equipped with:

  • Push or push the latches or from button.
  • Rotary pins.

Locks the press or from button They are the most common and are activated by pressing a button in the middle of the lock.

In their turn tower insurance, which are less common in modern locks, are activated by turning the small button in the middle of the button.

There is a third and rarer insurance system very typical for old locks. These are the push and turn locks.

For these locks to work on a bathroom door you need to close the door, push the button towards the plate and rotate in a certain direction. To deactivate the safety, you must pull the button towards you and then turn it in the opposite direction. They have the peculiarity that on the side that is outside the bathroom it does not have an eye for the key, but only a button.

Given this, we will divide the tutorial into methods that may work depending on the type of insurance.

Let’s get started.

How to open a bathroom door with a button

When we open a bathroom door that is equipped with such a lock, we can apply the following methods:

  • Choose, knife or other sharp object
  • Paper clip
  • Allen key.

Opening a bathroom door with a button

We are all familiar with this type of insurance, because it is the one found in most modern locks of residential neighborhoods used indoors: bathrooms, bedrooms.

For this reason, to open a bathroom door of this type we need an object that fits in the keyhole through which the key enters.

It could be a strong click that I extended, a sharp knife or a very fine Allen key.

The first thing is to introduce our tool in KeyHole. We have to do it directly. Once the object (either click, Allen key or knife) is inside, we push forward until we hear a click or click.

When this happens, what happens is that the mechanism is activated in reverse. And a small bar returns the lock button to its position «open». So, if we hear this mechanical mechanical click of the locks, we can turn the knob and open the door.

Don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t work on the first try.

If you have tried enough without results and if you do not remember what type of lock your bathroom door has, it is very possible that this is a door equipped with a rotary lock.

How to open a bathroom door that has an oscillating lock

If the bathroom door we need to open has a rotating lock, we need to use other types of tools.

What works best in these cases is a flat-head screwdriver. It must be so small and thin that it can enter and exit the keyhole without any problems.

  • Carefully insert the screwdriver into the eye of the screw.
  • Turn it counterclockwise. That is, from left to right.
  • If all went well, you will hear a click. Which is the indication that the insurance has been unlocked. So you can turn the knob and open the door without any problems.

Keep in mind that these locks are more complex to unlock. Try several times until you get it. Remember that when trying to open a door you need to apply pressure and force, but you must be careful not to overdo it. Brute force can damage the mechanism and make the process more difficult.

Opening a bathroom door with push and turn latch

We’ve already seen how we can opening a bathroom door with the two most common types of locks. And if you have read our article on how to open a keyless iron door, you will have discovered some of the common techniques for opens almost any type of lock. But there is a third type of door and less common nowadays. They are equipped with a lock that does not provide access to the lock from the outside.

Yes, while reading it, all we have outside the bathroom is a button and it does not have access to the unlock system.

Therefore, to open a door of this type we will use other types of techniques and tools.

What works best in these cases is force the latch or slide. For which we can deal with:

  • X rays.
  • Credit cards
  • A knife of butter
  • Or a piece of plastic from a soda bottle or a box of ice cream.

Get a piece of flexible material that can fit through the space between the door and the frame. A credit card would work. But the best is an x-ray or a plastic section taken from a soda bottle or ice cream box.

Insert the plastic tool of your choice into the indentation that separates the door frame. Slide it firmly toward the lock until you find the latch or slider. Sometimes the doors open on the first try, but don’t give up if it doesn’t work with the first few pushes.

In these cases, an X-ray sheet is most recommended, as it allows us greater coverage and maneuverability.