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How to move the on-screen window in Windows 10 | Full explanation How incredible we find Windows (in its various …

How to move the on-screen window in Windows 10 |  Full explanation How incredible we find Windows (in its various ...

As incredible as Windows (in its various versions) seems to us in terms of customization, it is inevitable that we do not deal with certain errors or inconveniences of this operating system. One of the most annoying is when certain programs are displayed on the screen.

Sometimes it has a solution, but when they are very hidden, we can not reach these windows. So, today’s idea is to explain how to solve this problem or otherwise use this to your advantage.

What is the function of removing a window from the Windows screen?

As such, it does not exist as such a function of the operating system. This has always been there, even from previous versions of Windows 10 and 7. You can check for yourself by trying to bring any window to the left of the monitor. As you do this, you will notice that part of the window you are dragging is hidden.

But where does that lead? Or does it disappear? Well, no, the reason for this «feature» is that Windows is trying to recognize this from that part of the screen to a space occupied by another monitor. For this reason when connecting two monitors to a processor, you can drag a window from one monitor to another, only in this case they are hidden due to the lack of another device.

Does my Windows version matter to remove a window from the monitor?

In itself, the Windows version does not matter too much to be able to remove a window from the monitor, because as I mentioned, all previous versions of Windows 10 (including this one) have this «function».

Of course there is Windows versions that are not as stable just like the current Windows 10, and sometimes the windows themselves tend to hide. Although many users tend to use this to hide Google Chrome tabs when many are open.

Do I have to remove the edge of the screen to remove the window from the monitor?

Not, in fact, more than a setting, it’s more like selecting a function that the same taskbar gives you in order to get windows hidden on the monitor screen. But before you do that, you need to understand the reasons for this. As such, it is due to:

  • The used program shows an error due to a corrupt file
  • Your computer has a virus and it is causing windows to hide
  • You don’t have an ad blocker, and the browser you’re using is causing this issue.
  • Compatibility between the programs you use and the resolution of the monitor creates this problem.

How do I remove a Windows window from the screen?

Because you know the reasons why this happens to you, it’s time to know what methods you can choose to do this return the hidden windows to the visible screen of the monitor.

move the windows with the mouse

Move the window with the mouse

This is the most common method you can use. Of course, there are situations where it is clearly impossible to do this. But in general terms, you need to:

  1. Minimize all the windows you can see on the screen so that you only have the desktop view.
  2. Now locate one of the corners of the window which was hidden
  3. Left click on it and don’t let go
  4. Now drag the window to a visible place

Keep in mind that while it’s very difficult, when you try to leave the window hidden in a visible place on the desktop, it may return to where it was. incompatibility with the screen resolution.

Another alternative you can choose is through the options you can get on the Windows taskbar. To do this, you must:

  • Select any point on the taskbar by right-clicking
  • From the options, select: parallel windows, cascading windows, or rented windows.
  • This will do everything desktop-activated windows they appear and stack differently.
  • Just minimize the one that doesn’t interest you until you stay with the one that really interests you.

Keep in mind that this method is very useful when you also want to remove pop-ups caused by Chrome.

windows on the screen in the windows

With keyboard commands

This method is by far the fastest and easiest to perform, what is surprising is that few use it. To do this, you have several options, such as:

  • Press CTRL + Tab: This will change you to the last window you were in. If you want a specific one, you have to hold down CTRL so that all the active windows appear and select either the one you want with the keyboard arrows or the mouse.
  • Press Windows + Tab. It’s basically the same, only the interface changes a little.

How do I return a window to my monitor?

You can try any of the above options or look for an alternative to the usual ones. If none of the options work for you, try checking your operating system in search for corrupt files It can wreak havoc on the system.