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How to manage your Disney + watchlist

How to manage your Disney + watchlist

It’s important to have one place to store all the shows and movies you want to watch Disney + facilitated the maintenance and management of that watch list. Adding and removing programs is easy, as long as you know what to do.

If you are considering shows or movies that you would like to watch at a later date, we recommend that you add them to your watchlist. This is a page in your Disney + account that allows you to keep all the content you intend to enjoy in one place. If you’ve already watched a show on your list, you can remove it if you don’t plan to watch it again. This helps keep your watch list clean so you can continue to add movies without being crowded.

How to add programs to your watchlist

To get started, you’ll look for the show you want to add to the list. The «Search» button is at the top of the desktop site. On mobile devices, it is in the bottom section, in second place on the right.

Disney + Search

After searching and selecting the show or movie, a plus sign (+) will appear next to the «Play» button. Click it to add your selection to your watchlist.

Disney + Add show

After you add it, a check mark will appear where the plus sign (+) was originally. This means that you have successfully added it to your watchlist.

Disney + Show has been added

How to remove shows from your watchlist

To view the watchlist, select «Watchlist» at the top of the desktop site. In the mobile application, you will first need to select the «Account» icon in the lower right corner. Below that, you’ll see the «Watchlist» option you want to select.

Disney + watchlist selection

Once in the playlist, select the series or movie you want to remove from the list.

Disney + Watch List selection

Select the check mark next to the «Play» button to delete the program.

Disney + How to Remove Show

If the plus sign (+) is displayed after selecting that icon, you have removed that content from your watchlist.

Disney + Show has been removed