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How to make the symbol approximately with the keyboard

How to make the symbol approximately with the keyboard

Type the approximate symbol on the keyboard it is very simple and useful when you have to represent this icon in a mathematical problem. Represented by a curved line known as the «comma», the symbol for roughly is widely used in this area and it is important to know how to write it if you dedicate yourself to this area.

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Step by step to enter the approximate symbol on Windows and Mac


If your keyboard belongs to a Windows computer, just enter the following command:

  • Alt + 126
  • Ctrl + Alt + 4 (always from the numeric keypad)


If, on the other hand, you need to type the tilde symbol (~) on a Mac computer keyboard, the command you need to type is as follows:

Despite the fact that it has its meaning in the mathematical world, the comma is also used in the world of letters. In fact, this is the name of the curious accent that accompanies the letter «ñ». As you can see, using the keyboard allows you to put all kinds of symbols, you can even put the symbol of the heart or the euro symbol.

Did you know …

The birth of the letter ñ has its origin in the transformation of the original sound which was formed by a double n «nn». An example of this is the word «Annus» which has become «Year».

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