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How to make raffle tickets with Word or other methods

How to make raffle tickets with Word or other methods

If you need to know how to make a raffle, whether you use Microsoft Word or other methods, you are in luck because thanks to this article you will discover various methods with which you can make the best personalized raffles. In addition, it can be very useful if you need to make tickets for an event (tickets), because you can customize them as you wish and add all the necessary information in a simple way.

The draw is a competition that works thanks to the numbered tickets, which are bought by people who want to collaborate with a cause or a fundraiser. These numbered tickets can be made and printed from the comfort of your computer, with a numbered system to facilitate the drawing.

There are several methods for making raffles, however, the most common is that of scroll through Microsoft Word, either using custom templates or making them manually. Other methods we can cite are the creators of raffles online or using other programs. Below we will give you the list of alternatives so you can make the best raffles.


How to make raffle tickets in Word

Microsoft Word It is one of the most versatile tools we can find for the computer. We can create a concept map and even create a diptych with Word among many other things and all this easily and with multiple customization options.

Scrape tickets in Word based on predefined templates or formats

You can find it on the internet various sites They offer predefined raffle templates, these templates can be downloaded from these sites and then edited according to your needs. Below we will mention a list of sites you can access and choose the raffle template you like most:

  • Hloom: This Word Template site offers a variety of raffle templates to open and edit with Microsoft Word. Inside the ZIP are instructions and an Excel file to print the ticket numbering.
  • TemplateLab: On this site you also have a wide variety of printed raffles. Over 40 creative raffle models are offered directly from this website. Template downloads are free.
  • Microsoft templates: Microsoft also offers a printable raffle template in its Anglo-Saxon version. For strange reasons, the same template is not available in the Spanish version, in the same way we offer you the English version.
  • This website has a good variety of templates, best of all is that they can be downloaded not only for Word, but also for other programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator or even Google Docs. Free and paid download templates are available, but you must first register.
  • It is a website specialized in raffles, accessing it you will see very good raffle templates that you can use for free.

Create raffle tickets in Word manually

In the same way you can create your own tickets or raffle tickets manually. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Open a new file in Word and type the word «Raffle» or «raffle» in the search bar. At that time, all available templates will appear so you can choose the one that best suits your expectations.
  • Once you have chosen the default template type you need, you can configure each entry as you wish. A new document will open and you can select the text to put the information you need or to add images. You can put the name of the organization, the price, the information related to the award …
  • Once you’ve set up the information for one of the tickets, just copy and paste it into the rest of the tickets that appear in the template. Keep in mind that in order to be unique, you need to change the numbering in each of them.
  • If you need to create multiple tickets, just select the tickets and insert them into a new document until you have filled in the number of tickets you need.
  • When you’re done, plug in the printer and click File> Print> OK.


Create raffle tickets online

As well as you can make raffle tickets in Microsoft WordThere are also some online tools that will allow you to create custom raffle tickets faster than using Microsoft Word. Here is a list of sites to create online raffles.

There are not many options for creating raffles online, much less in Spanish, however, it is always good to have all the alternatives at hand.


Lottery ticket ideas on Pinterest

If you need ideas on how to make a raffleFortunately, the Pinterest portal offers you various ideas and even raffle templates that you can download whenever you want.

You can use the search engine in different ways and you can even search for things like «raffles for car raffles», «raffles», «charity raffles», among other ideas.

Place: Pinterest

In this simple way you can get numbered and personalized tickets. Just copy and paste to get the number you need and set up every detail so that it looks professional.

Did you know …

Word allows you to put a watermark on your drawings so that no one can own them. To do this, you need to click Page Layout> Page Background> Watermark.

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