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How to make Netflix streaming easier using keyboard shortcuts

How to make Netflix streaming easier using keyboard shortcuts

Netflix is ​​an excellent streaming service that has a lot of content, from your favorite shows to the original content. The streaming service allows you to use certain keyboard shortcuts if you have mouse limitations.

There are different keys you can use to browse Netflix, as well as control your show or movie. These are shortcuts that you can use to control whatever content you want to enjoy.

  • Space or Enter: play / pause
  • F: full screen
  • Esc: Exit full screen
  • Left arrow: go back ten seconds
  • Right arrow: fast forward ten seconds
  • Up Arrow: Increase volume
  • Down Arrow: Smaller volume
  • M: silence

These simple shortcuts will make it faster and easier to interrupt, play or run shows at any time. You can also control the volume (or mute) of your show to make sure you never miss a minute of your content.

If you really can’t use your mouse to browse the Netflix site, there’s a way to combat that. You can use the «Tab» and «Enter» keys to choose your program and then use «Esc» to return to the search area where you are.

From the Home screen, use «Tab» to access the profile of the person you are following, and then press «Enter» to select their profile.

Netflix Who watches the screen

Now that you have your profile open, switch the tab until you see the «Search» icon highlighted. Press «Enter» to start typing what you want to watch, and then press it again to search for the movie or show.

Netflix search icon

After the search results appear, use the «Tab» button to highlight the show you want to watch. To select that program, simply press «Enter».

Netflix search results

Now that you’ve selected your show, you’ll use the same buttons to skip «Next Episode» and select it. Your show will start, so sit back and relax.

Netflix Play Episode screen

These keyboard shortcuts are a nice, easy way to navigate the Netflix site. You can search and select any program without having to use the mouse. Add shortcuts to control your show and you’ll be happy with the ease of enjoying every movie that comes to mind.