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How to make my Android faster after activating root on my mobile phone

How to make my Android faster after activating root on my mobile phone

If you have rooted your mobile phone and want to know How do I make my Android faster after root activation? Well, here we will give you some options, which you can consider when you accomplish this goal and speed up your mobile phone.

Rooting a device is a very controversial issue, many believe that losing the warranty for some additional features is not worth it. And other people just want to make the most of their device. As in all, there are its advantages and disadvantages, and the final decision is yours.

How do I make my Android faster after activating the root with Speed ​​Booster?

Speed ​​Booster is a free application available for Android through the store from applications or the Play Store. Basically, you need to have an internet network before you can continue to install it. If you have some applications that do not allow you to use them as root, you should know that you can disable them at any time.

Once we are connected, we have to go to the store, and in the search section type the name of the application, we click on the search and we have to find it among the list that appears, its symbol is cream, so you should have no problems looking for it. If we click on its name, it will give us the option to install it, we must accept their permissions and the download will begin.

The application is very easy so if you have little space, installing it will not be a problem. When the download is complete, its icon will appear on the screen. The operation of this application is simple and we just have to open it and press the spaceship button, so that it does everything else and optimizes our device.

makes my Android faster after active root

As we naturally think, this application must have root permissions at all times to remove unwanted files generated by the system. If you haven’t taken root yet, you can do so very quickly.

How do I make my Android faster after activating the root with LSpeed?

Another great option for we improve the performance of our Android, is to use LSpeed, an easy and very useful program that has hundreds of options for root users who want to improve their terminal as much as possible.

To download it, this time we need to open the browser on your mobile phone, it can be Chrome or any of your preferences, in the search bar you need to enter the name plus the word «APK». We will have several options, but the best thing is to download it from Uptodown, a reliable site where you can download many applications.

When you open the link, a green button will appear to download it. When you’re done, just tap the notification in the taskbar, for this step you need to have the option to install active applications from unknown sources.

We continue to accept their permissions and click Next and then install. This application has many options, but the most comfortable is to use the pre-designed profiles that it brings, we can choose between battery saving, higher performance, an implicit and a balanced state.

How do I make my Android faster after activating the root with Performance Booster?

If what you’re looking for is a program that improves your device and doesn’t have so many complex options, this is for you. Because you just need to install it and activate the available options, which in this case is 3. This will be more than enough to start working on your device.

makes your Android mobile phone faster by root

To get it we have to do a process similar to the previous one, from our navigation we will do the search, but this time We will use the APKHere page, to get this tool. When we enter, we just have to click on the download and wait a while for it to finish.

If you have an active root, just open the downloaded file and install it as mentioned above. After that, all that remains is to open the application, the menu is very simple and you may notice that it will have only a few options. You need to mark them all and the program will start workingAfter that, you’ll notice an improvement as you go through apps and games, and you won’t have to touch anything else in this app unless you want to delete it.