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How to make a high quality DIY wooden headboard

How to make a high quality DIY wooden headboard

The board that we are going to see how to make step by step is a board that, as soon as you do a little internet search, you will see several stores that sell it and it is not exactly cheap.

That’s why I liked this DIY so much, because there is a very current headboard, if you like the beautiful and original wooden headboard. In addition, we can do it ourselves with little skill and the right tools.

Let’s see how to do it and if you dare, in one weekend you can have the most attractive headboard.

This is the headboard in question, made by Jenny, the founder of the blog I Spy Diy

You like? List the materials and tools you need:


Circular saw for cutting wood: According to Jenny, this saw makes perfect and precise cuts both miter and straight, much better than a saw or any other electric saw. You can buy and price the best deals and circular saws in

Drill: To make holes and screw wooden planks.


  • A plywood board with the measurements you want your headboard.
  • Cedar wood slats (Or anything else that works for you) To make cuts from herring wood.
  • Pearl gray water-based enamel.
  • Water-based matte white enamel.
  • 3 pots of wood glue
  • 10 lag screws of about 5 cm.
  • Flat brush for painting wood.

The first step in making the DIY wooden board

Making a DIY wooden board

Cut the cedar planks to 40 cm long and 5 wide with a circular saw.

When we have enough cut plates, at least 30, we place them at an angle of 90 degrees to each other, to form the pattern of lace that we see on these lines.

We will continue to cut and place pieces of wood until we complete the length and width of our board.

It is important to keep them in the next place.

Once we have all the pieces cut and the headboard is already full width and length, we move on to the second step:

The second step for making the DIY wooden board

Paint the DIY wood panel

Choose one of three pieces, sand it and remove all the dust it has, then paint it superficially with water-based gray enamel.

Then do the same, but instead of using gray, use white water-based nail polish.

You need to paint them all so that when you are finished, they will appear randomly, gray, white and natural wood all over the board.

You should have a result similar to the one you see in the image above.

The third step for making the DIY wooden board

Glue tiles to the DIY board

Now that we have all the pieces cut and painted to taste, it’s time to glue them with wood glue from the plywood we stored well, which had the measurements of our board.

The way to glue them is the same pattern I had, but applied to the plywood so that it is in a zig-zag or lace format.

We will glue all the pieces on the plywood board until we have covered the entire surface of the board.

The fourth step for making the DIY wooden board

When all the pieces are cut, some will come out more than others from the rectangular shape of the headboard, due to their placement in the lace.

Now it’s time to take the circular saw again and make a straight cut so that all the strips come out the same and leave a perfectly rectangular surface.

Then we will put the wooden frame as a finish.

The fifth step for making the DIY wooden board

Wooden frame for DIY headboard

Now that we have all the boards glued and square on the plywood board, it remains to put a frame to finish the board.

With the cedar wood with which we cut the boards, we measure on each side of the board and cut to that extent with a miter of 45 degrees at each end.

When we have the four pieces of wood of the frame cut, we screw them to the wood with the drill and the lag screws next to the wood glue.

That’s it, we already have the structure of our custom wooden board. Now is the time to give it one last touch.

The final step for making the DIY wooden board

DIY protector for wooden headboard

Now we need to apply a wood protector so that it will last over time and we will not have future problems.

We can buy this type of protection in any DIY and decoration store.

This product is available in matte, satin or glossy. This is to everyone’s taste.

If you want the wood to have a little shine, then buy a protector with a glossy finish. If you prefer the wood to have a natural finish, buy a matte finish protector.

We apply the protector with a brush on the entire surface of the headboard, including the frame. You must cover it completely:

Wooden protection for DIY headboard

Once the protector is applied, we will see that the wood is more nourished and more beautiful.

We let it dry as long as the manufacturer recommends and voila, now we have our perfect headboard to hang on the wall.

A beautiful headboard that, with the necessary tools and a little wood, we can make ourselves on a weekend.

I tried to be as accurate as possible in translating the creator’s instructions, but if you prefer to see her step by step with her more detailed explanations, you can do so on her official blog I Spy Diy.

What do you say? Do you dare? I read you in the comments.

And you know, if you think this head might want a friend or family member, share it. Thanks!