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How to make a digital signature

How to make a digital signature

use of digital signature It is a procedure that has been standardized thanks to the growth of electronic documents that greatly streamlines any management or process. The appearance of the digital signature has become necessary due to the existing need to authenticate these files. The digital signature is created from cryptographic procedures, acting in the same way as if a person had signed a paper document in his own handwriting.

What is the difference between a digital signature and a handwritten signature?

Although both companies have as their main objective confirms the veracity of a document, there are some distinctive features:

  • For starters, the digital signature can only be applied to electronic files, while the handwritten signature is made on printed documents.
  • Digital signatures are always different from each other, as they are modified with each document that is signed. In the case of a handwritten signature, it will always retain the same characteristics
  • The digital signature is extremely secure and does not allow any modification by third parties. This is due to the key encryption system that allows us to know very precisely whether the digital signature of a document is truly authentic.

What is the method of making a digital signature?

digital signature it is made of a system of algorithms. When a user wants to create a digital signature, he will get numbers that will come from a mathematical formula and have a certain relationship between them. These numbers are the keys.

Each of these keys consists of a group of numbers that will become a digital message. The format can be a binary number or a string of bytes.

When you switch to creating a digital signature, the user will create two types of keys:

  • On the one hand, a public key, which will be the one known only to the recipients of the document
  • On the other hand, a private key, which in any case must be kept secret

Each of these keys is generated simultaneously with the other. In this way, the encrypted information provided by one of the keys could be decrypted only by the other key.

Digital signature methods

There are several ways to proceed sign documents digitally. The most common and easy to use are the following:

Sign documents with Microsoft Office

If you use it regularly Microsoft Office you can use your digital signature in both Word and Excel documents. To do this, you must select the option to insert a signature line into the document.

At this point, a text box will be created in which you can enter additional signature data, such as name, address, phone number …

When the document is signed, it will become read-only, so that data in the document cannot be changed.

Sign documents with Xolido Sign

The Xolido sign It is another alternative to be able to digitally sign documents, whose main feature is to be able to sign a large number of documents simultaneously.

Another of options available in Xolido Sign is to include a time stamp and it is even possible to check the documents. It is the most suitable option when working with a large volume of documents, because it greatly facilitates the work and also offers the possibility to sign all types of files: Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, txt files, images …

For maintain the security of a digital signature and in order to use it safely, signatures need to be renewed from time to time. This ensures the security of electronic documents that are signed and sent. You can learn too put a signature on your Outlook messages so that your messages are personalized. Remember that your signature is one of the most personal signs.

Did you know …

There is a discipline that is responsible for deciphering a person’s personality by interpreting the handwritten signature. It’s about graphology.

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