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How to make a crossword in Microsoft Word

How to make a crossword in Microsoft Word

Create a crossword in Word is one of the features of the Windows word processor that many users do not know about. However, Word allows you to do one of the most popular hobbies: crossword puzzles. Thanks to this function you will be able to make crosswords of all kinds and extensions in a very simple way. Let’s see what is the step by step to create fun crosswords in Word.

Step by step to customize a crossword in Word

crosswords They are a popular pastime that consists of a series of rows and columns that intertwine. Each row and column is divided into small squares within which a letter will go. The letters make up words that need to be hit according to the definitions. Thus, the words are intertwined and present the possible solutions of the incomplete rows and columns.

Have fun hobby you can learn to set up in Word, will allow you personalize your own crossword puzzles and add as many words as you want. Step by step is as follows:

  • To start making a crossword in Word, the first step is to make a grid in the document. Go to the tab Insert> Table> Insert Table. In this step we can choose the number of rows and columns we want to have. To make sure the cells are square, we need to use the shift key while placing the grid.
  • Then you have to insert, as a sketch, the crosswords that correspond to the results of each definition. Position them so that they intersect. For each letter to be perfectly aligned, you must access the section Home> Slideshow> Align horizontally and vertically.
  • Now is the time for crossword puzzles to be set up in the right style. For this you need to go to Home> Paragraph> Borderless. Now you will see how the grid has disappeared and you will only be able to see the letters.
  • In the next step we need to make the borders appear again in the crosswords. But not all, but those in which the letters should be included. You must select each cell until each of the words is formed and, once selected, we will go to Home> Paragraph> All borders. This way, the edges will appear in each of the words and you will have the complete crosswords.
  • Now you need to color the cells that contain letters. Use the paint cup icon. We will select the horizontal words on the one hand and the vertical words on the other hand and assign them a different color.

  • In the end, all that remains is to eliminate crossword puzzles. The way to do this is to select the crosswords and click Suppress. Everything will remain with marked edges, but the letters will be gone.
  • Use a second sheet of the document to number the definitions. Remember to match each number in the definition with the number in the solution. To do this, you must place the number in the first letter of each word.

It’s time to start solving your crossword puzzles or sharing them with your friends!

In this simple way you can make a crossword in Word, from the simplest to the most complicated. Word is a tool that allows us not only to write and edit text documents, but also to perform many other functions, such as creating a concept map or a diptych. Take advantage of all the features of Word!

Did you know …

The first versions of crossword puzzles appeared in nineteenth-century England, based on older puns, such as acrostics, poems in which the first letters of verse formed words when read vertically.

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